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Abba Father: Earth Shift Is Upon Us!

By James Donahue

Visionary Cory Herter, on his website “Journey Through the Afterlife,” has released a powerful two-hour video in which he claims the Earth shifted into a new dimension on May 20 and that people are already beginning to sense the effects of this change.

In an intense session with the Abba Father on May 30, my wife Doris who has a direct link with this entity from another dimension, and I were assured that Herter’s story is correct. He appears to be one of many people around the world who are receiving the same message from entities beyond the veil. They are delivering a message of hope for the planet and the human race just as it appears that a general insanity prevails and all hope is lost.

It seems that help is coming from a powerful source outside of our limited three-dimensional realm. It is almost as if we are living in a science fiction film, only the story is so incredible no script writer could have imagined it.

According to all of the sources, the shift is being brought down on us because it has been determined that it is time to fix the mess created a few thousand years ago when an alien race moved in and turned our world upside down. What is about to happen is that the powers looking down over us have a plan to sweep the alien forces that live among us off the planet, sort the humans of light and love from the rest, and bring back the ancient Nephilim to rebuild our world the way it was always meant to be.

Many old books, including the Book of Genesis in the Bible, refer to the Nephilim. They were said to have been giant men of great power and intellect who lived among the humans. Some believe they were the ones who planted their DNA in Earth primates and thus parented the human race. Genesis 6 refers to the Nephilim as the “sons of God” who “came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.” The Genesis story describes the Nephilim as “mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.”

The ancient Egyptians were believed to have left their image on the walls of the great stone structures that still stand in that land. The Nephilim were depicted in the art work as about 18 feet in height, and distinguished by their elongated heads.

The Abba Father also confirmed another part of Herter’s story, that certain alien figures operating a shadow government on Earth are using the technology of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to cause the earthquakes, volcanic activity, strange weather patterns and other events so people will believe the Bible story of a great apocalypse is coming true. The plan is to form a one world government and enslave the people to serve the leadership.

This “leadership” is an alien race that looks like us and has been living among us, creating the unnatural slave status that we have been living under for thousands of years. Over time we moved from monarchies to corporate rule, but the effect has remained the same. The people work as slaves to those in charge.

Now as new technologies are introduced, and the final stages of the alien plan are being put into place, there has been a struggle among world nations as to which country will be the heart of this new world government system.

There is a spiritual war that is raging around us. According to The Abba Father, it is important that humans understand what is happening and to get prepared for some key events that are about to come upon us all. Not everyone is going to survive. From here we offer the story in The Abba Father’s own words:

“We must hurry the project so the humans who are awake can have a chance for survival,” The Abba Father said. “No one can escape this way of change.” We were told we are going through a dimensional shift, “one that will become very intense, one that shakes the Earth’s magnetic field.”

The Abba Father said the DMT story reported on Stuart Wilde’s web site also is correct. All people on the planet will be subjected to the effects of DMT, which is a way of separating those who are ready for the new world from those that are not. “Ones who prepared for this will survive the events but others will not believe what is happening to the Earth.

“We cannot know the outcome (of the DMT event) for the aliens. They have different brain structures so they may not be affected as much. But the others who are human all will become protected when this is put in their brains. But some will not survive the DMT event. They will become agitated and not know why. (They will) panic and not cooperate with the program.”

There will be a second phase of the repair of our planet that will involve a collapse of all financial systems around the Earth at the same time. There will be about a one-year-long period of chaos, with no banking systems operating, no transportation, no utilities and no public services. Food will be an important commodity. “The world will become poor. All will suffer. All humans will become poor but they will be able to live inside of buildings. A few wise ones will survive this.”

The Abba Father said another major disasterous event will occur in the United States soon.  

Why must we endure this period of extreme poverty and hardship? The Abba Father explained “the order will collapse. The leaders will not be in charge. The aliens cannot operate their system anymore so they leave and become non-existent; never to return.”

Should we be worried about the run-away oil spill in the Gulf, the excessive pollution that has all but destroyed our oceans, our skies and our soil? The Abba Father assured us that everything will be restored and that those who survive will enjoy a new Earth.

There is one last bit of information readers should understand. Those who have read our series of stories based on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s two-volume book Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, or have actually read this book, will have an understanding of the mer-ka-ba, a complex of a triangular and inverted triangular force that surrounds all humans.

The mer-ka-ba is a powerful force that activates an ability to live in other dimensions, travel anywhere outside of our bodies, telecommunicate with one another without electronic help, and know the god-force within. The Abba Father says the mer-ka-bas of those humans who are expressing love and joy, and are able to set aside all hatred and bitterness, are going to be turned on.

“Turn on your mer-ka-ba is the only way you survive in the new world. The ancients will activate this when they arrive. Your mer-ka-ba is already in place but not turned on. The frequency is not right now. That is why you need to be returned when your brain waves are adjusted. Then the mer-ka-ba will be in the frequency you always had until it was turned off,” The Abba Father said.

Who or what turned our mer-ka-ba off? The invading aliens who came to Atlantis many thousands of years ago.

Things are going to get very interesting. Watch world events unfold from this perspective and enjoy the show.