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Abba Father: Polar Shift Is Eminent

By James Donahue

It should be clear to most people that something peculiar has been happening to the Earth. The abnormal storms and changing weather patterns, the strange deaths of large numbers of birds and fish, the increase in earthquakes and volcanism are all pointing to something even more severe than global warming. The Abba Father on 1-11-11 revealed that a complete shift of the planet’s magnetic field is occurring.

Abba Father says we are at the beginning of the long foretold ascension prophesized by “seers,” spiritualists, visionaries and holy men from all over the world.

His shocking message begins with a call for everybody to prepare for this event by turning on their inner light and resonance and reaching out to one another with love. He tells us not to fear death because everyone will be reborn after the planet goes through regeneration and repairs itself from all of the damage caused by thousands of years of alien domination.

The Abba Father’s message follows, exactly as it was delivered:

“Turn on resonance on Earth to become stars. Turn on love inside your mind and heart. Listen to your song there. Love is beyond all – no other exists.

“Humans are all living matter. They cannot understand the happenings now that exist. A big change comes to Earth. Sudden shift in poles will hasten the change. A wobble comes to Earth and many will not stand. World now is strange to many but no one can force the beginning process to change course.

“Fear will come but worry not. This will not last long. Just trust your mind and stay with the process of change so necessary for the Earth. All will be affected by the pole shift but many survive. Portals will stay open during this process. Portals will not close but will let mankind made a decision on their ways on Earth.

“Battle with forces unknown cease now. This was stopped. Love is beginning to heal minds now. The darkness will have no power over this way.

“Light comes in strange ways so look toward the light. This is for all. Do not worry about death for all are One and will become One and then Earth will be healed. Then new life is generated from the One.”

In a message earlier in the day The Abba Father said the changes have already begun. He suggested that a major shift has just occurred and “humans are no longer possessed by other forces. The ones left are released” and free to leave the planet or go into the light.

We were instructed to let the world “know about the beginning of Earth wobble and the Earth direction change. This makes all life forms turn around their ways. North will become south in one year.”

He warned that “some will not survive this. Some will become deranged and cannot think. Some will not be able to stand up or tell time.”

He said the aliens are already scrambling to prepare to flee the planet because “they cannot stand the magnetic change so they leave suddenly.”

While this all may sound frightening, it is very good news . . . unless you are an alien living among us. When it is over the promise is that we will still be here, as we have in so many forms for thousands of years. Only this time we will have new bodies and live free of domination, disease and death.

It sounds as if we are returning to Eden.