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Rekindling The Abba Father Prophecies

By James Donahue

Between May 31 and July 14 my wife and I received daily messages from The Abba Father that warned of impending world changes and gave instructions for preparing for them. We published each of the messages and they can still be found on the site by clicking here.

Among the messages were some specific prophecies of very difficult times including financial collapse, a world-wide pandemic, extreme weather events and other disasters that will sweep the planet and precede amazing changes to our world and the way we live.

The Abba Father, who has since identified himself as one of “The Old Ones” who once lived on Earth and gave counsel and direction to the early civilizations that once lived in peace and harmony, said these terrible events will be preceded by four milestones. Once they occur we must be ready to take cover and use light and love to survive the ordeal to come.

The key events have all occurred. They are as follows:

--The British Petroleum oil spill is worse than we have been told. “Strange waters are not clearing. They are not living anymore. Deadly black that lingers stops all life there, never to return,” the Abba Father warned. We are only now receiving reports that humanitarian aid workers, residents and even some of the film crews that worked along the Gulf region during the crisis are now showing symptoms of life-threatening poisoning and many are hospitalized.

 Researchers believe the air and water in and around the Gulf region is more toxic than anybody expected. New research is now showing that the chemical dispersants sprayed on the water mixed with the crude oil and created minute and highly toxic particles that are being consumed by the algae and working into the food chain.

Fish and wildlife experts from the University of Oregon say the water in the Gulf contains elevated levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, some of them known carcinogens. In other words, if you eat the fish caught there, you run a high risk of getting sick and coming down with some form of cancer.

--Another oil platform would explode and burn. The June 23 message from The Abba Father said: “piercing gas explosions are heard. This will be a warning of more destruction coming.” Indeed, a second oil platform in the Gulf, owned and operated by Mariner Energy, exploded and burned on September 2. The 13 workers on the platform escaped alive and the fire was extinguished. The platform was not supporting a drilling rig, but was servicing seven existing wells.

--The East Coast will suffer extensive flooding. The Abba Father said: “Torn away is the northern part of the east coast now. Real monsoon comes there.” Last week we watched in amazement as the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole merged with a stalled front from the northwest that flooded the East Coast from North Carolina north to Maine. Some areas received from 12 to 22 inches of rainfall within hours. The Abba Father’s description was perfectly played out. He said the area would “become a water field.”

--There would be an earthquake in the same area where it floods. This prophecy came almost as a second thought in one of the messages. After describing the flooding, The Abba Father added simply that there also would be an earthquake in this area. On Saturday, September 2, residents of Richmond, Virginia, experienced a minor earthquake that measured 3 points on the Richter scale. There was no damage but the quake was felt 339 miles away at Canton, North Carolina.

So what does the Abba Father predict will be coming next? He spoke of public protests over the broken banking system and widespread chaos. He said “banking systems fail. Poor are stranded by the rich.” There will be great unrest. “Money will fail. Gold will not help. Wars will make everything worse. Properties will collapse under the Earth. No man will be safe. Manmade structures will fail.”

We can expect a worldwide pandemic. There will be a period of what appears to be a total breakdown of just about everything. Abba Father said “the Earth will heave in despair over all the failures of mankind to make things right.”

The good news is that the chaotic condition will not last. When it is over The Abba Father says he will return with the other Old Ones to once more take charge of affairs on the Earth. The new world will not be materialistic. The Mother Earth will have a chance to rest and heal from all of the damage caused by thousands of years of mining, drilling and scavaging of her forests, water and minerals.

Go back to the Abba Father messages, read them each carefully, and prepare for what is about to befall us. He gives a simple recipe for survival. As incredible as this story is, that the predictions given in the messages have all happened just as they were described, gives even more credence to the rest of the Abba Father’s story.