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Abba Father: Alien Attack Has Begun

By James Donahue

September 7, 2010


If you think people have been acting strangely lately, you are not alone. The peculiar behavior of many of our elected leaders in Washington, the military leaders on foreign soil, the candidates seeking elected office in November, and even people on the street has been perplexing us for months.

Now we think we know the cause.

The Abba Father informed us in sessions with him on Sunday and again on Monday that the alien race living among us has been experimenting with technology that may be capable of destroying the minds of all humans on the planet. The technology was turned on full blast on Monday.

The reason for this assault seems to be that a growing number of people are waking up to what has been going on and the alien forces now want to gain complete control. Thus we have entered into a silent war that most people on the planet are not even aware of.

There are other factors behind this attack. The Abba Father has explained that there exists a race of beings from higher dimensions that he refers to as "the Old Ones" that is about to return to Earth to help repair and restore the planet and bring it back to health. The Old Ones also will help the surviving humans return to the original way we lived before we were invaded thousands of years ago. The materialistic world of enslavement we currently have is going to go away.

If you think this is a wild science fiction story that is too incredible to believe, you are not alone. Yet my wife, who communicates with the Abba Father, and I know from experience that the messages she receives are usually spot on.

The Abba Father asked for, and received a special place on this web site for 45 consecutive days between May 31 and July 14 in which he laid out specific warnings of looming catastrophic events and gave us instructions on how to prepare to survive them.

Amid all of the messages, which can be studied by clicking here, you will find prophecies of events to look for. One was that the British Petroleum oil spill disaster would not be properly repaired, there would be another explosion and fire in the Gulf of Mexico, and there would be severe flooding along the East Coast of the United States from unexpected giant wave action and hurricanes. There also was a prediction of an earthquake in that same area.

Since then there has been a second fire and explosion on an oil rig in the gulf, and the first of what may be a series of hurricanes has grazed the East Coast. Also BP is still attempting to permanently cap the disaster well site. Some skeptics are wondering if the well isn’t still out of control.

If these prophetic events are coming to pass before our eyes, do we dare to turn our backs on the other, more dramatic warnings delivered in the messages?

The Abba Father has repeated again and again that the key to human survival is to turn on the light within every cell in our bodies then sending this light into our heart chakras, then into the brain. From there we are to mentally transmit this light frequency to our neighbors, throughout the communities where we live, then out into the nation and eventually out around the world. This light carries with it the powerful energy of unconditional love for everyone. It is the ultimate solution. It is our defense against the final alien assault.

This alien owned and operated technology, which may be the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), located in Alaska, or some other unknown but similar device, is transmitting what the Abba Father described as "rays" of energy that will be destroying people's minds. HAARP frequencies have been found to have this capability.

This will be a global assault that will continue for an indefinite period until another force intervenes and turns it off.

The effect will be that people become docile and “mindless.” By the time the attack is over about a quarter of the people on the planet will be affected, the Abba Father warned.

Escaping the force of these rays is not difficult. The Abba Father said: “Humans contain so much light they are capable of becoming gods. But the light is dimming from not knowing who they are and being told they mean nothing.” Indeed, the Christian church teaches that all humans are born in a sinful condition and remain sinners throughout their lives. This is a misleading belief skillfully designed to and make us think we are less than the godlike beings we are.

So how do we find and switch on this god-like power within?

The Abba Father says our “resonance needs to be turned up, not off. Turn on this light. Go within, open every cell, look at all the light there.

“Feel every cell communicating together. Raise the light now like a flame, (with) sparks glowing. Keep this resonance in your head, using sparks glowing evermore. Do this quickly. Turn on. Turn on. Lights glowing forever. Keep this momentum, feeling the glow.”

My wife, Doris, has worked for years as a medical technologist. She has used high-powered electronic microscopes to look at human cells and says she has noticed that they really glow. She says what the Abba Father says is true. Our cells are filled with light.

The Abba Father said:Continue to turn on the light until you feel the warmth within. Now feel the sparks at your fingertips. They are felt there, tingling. You are now turned on to your light source, never to be turned off. Keep this flowing every day. Raise the light. Raise the frequency. You have begun!”

This is not a difficult exercise. Just imagine yourself going inside your body and looking at the cells there. Then imagine them lighting up, one-by-one. Once you are "turned on" you will actually sense the tingling in your fingers.

Now sit back and watch the nightly news with a better understanding of what is really going on as people continue to behave as if they have gone insane. The Abba Father assures those of us that are aware and have our light turned on that we have nothing to fear. We just need to get ourselves prepared for a few months of strangeness ahead.

You might store up a little extra food and water, and maybe buy a few candles, just in case.