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Who Or What Is The Abba Father?

By James Donahue

Ever since The Abba Father first began communicating through my wife, Doris, in about 2004, and instructing us on certain information that we were told needed to be given to the world, we have been asking the question that appears in the headline over this article.

The answers to our question have implied that this entity, which exists in the Thirty-Fifth Dimension, cannot be understood by humans so a proper description appears to be impossible to acquire.

He once described himself as “The mirror of all existence on Earth. Higher planes exist also but Abba Father is the mirror that shows the way to all. Contact gets to the operator on a direct way. Creator can use this transmission so all can participate.”

It seems as if we were told that the Abba Father and the Creator are two different beings existing on a much higher levels of existence, and performing different functions that are beneficial to humans who know how to make contact.

So what is that method of contact, why does my wife have a link to the Abba Father while no one else that we know of does? Our daughter, Susan, has recently learned how to make direct contact with the other power known as the Creator and is using this ability to help people heal illness and solve physical, mental, social and even financial problems. They seem to be two separate powers looking down on us from higher planes.

If this is true, why aren’t all humans born with the knowledge to reach out to these wonderful powers? The Abba Father said that there was a time, before the Martians invaded our planet, and humans lived in Eden, that we all had this knowledge.

He said: “The ancients were using (a) process to learn how to live each day and information was gathered to prepare for future events. Love abounded. But another race of beings came and shut their minds down so this powerful way was forgotten.”

The reason the Abba Father is back, and the reason the special messages were published on this site at his direction between May 31 and July 14, is because those powers on high are about to help separate the humans from the aliens (Martians), who appear to be rushing to destroy our planet before they are forced to flee.

This may all sound like a wild science fiction tale and perhaps it is. But applying the story to the insanity that prevails throughout the world government leaders and big corporate bosses, all intent on gathering as much of the world’s wealth as possible and forcing the masses into slavery, helps make sense out of all that we are observing. As the story is told, the aliens among us are incapable of love and compassion, and are interested only in materialism. They allegedly arrived when the continent of Atlantis existed, used their technology to change the minds of humans, strip them of their abilities to live free and in a constant state of love and peace, and made slaves of our ancestors. They forced a redesigned environment based on materialism and the pillaging of the Earth.

The messages teach all humans choosing to participate in the looming change to light up each of the cells in their bodies, and then allow this light to intensify, filling their hearts and minds with light, and then sending it out to our neighbors and to people all over the world. The light is filled with our unconditional love for all.

The Abba Father also teaches us how to sing heart song directly into our heart chakra, forcing away the built-up sadness suffered throughout our lives in this dark world. Until we rid ourselves of the sadness, bitterness and pent-up regrets stored there, we cannot effectively transmit light and love.

These are the tools Abba Father has given us to survive months of dramatic Earth changes that he says will end with a new world that returns us to the garden we knew before the invasion.

So why was Doris selected to receive the Abba Father messages? He explained that there was a genetic link that reached back in the blood line to the ancient time when people had this wonderful knowledge.

He said to Doris: “Your mind was linked to ancient ones. They left a remnant of their power to a brain wave that was passed down until it became stronger than before. This is how your mind works to present information to all.

“Abba Father is a life force living inside certain ones on Earth. This is how you can communicate now. Always on your mind is the process Abba Father gives to your mind so others can become awake. Favorite living legends can teach this way in the future.”

While the Abba Father daily messages to the world are ended, we are still communicating with this power. He assured us that he will continue to be available to us, and may occasionally have new messages for readers as we go through the harsh weeks and months ahead.

Not only this, but the Abba Father has just told us something wonderful. He says the ancient ones who once gave us guidance and kept us all living in peace and harmony are soon going to return to Earth and set things right once again. Not only this, but The Abba Father says he will be coming with them.

As long as we are allowed to continue publishing on the Internet, we will pass these messages on to all.