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Oil And Water
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The Abba Father Prophecies

By James Donahue

If you study the 45 special messages delivered by The Abba Father via this web site from May 31 to July 14, you can find them full of prophetic declarations of looming future events. The primary promise is that the world is going through a dramatic change, everybody is going to be affected, and in the end there will be a separation of an alien race of greedy power-driven humanoid types from the real humans of this planet.

This is a pretty difficult story for a lot of people to accept at first. But there are two other major prophetic events included in the messages that should be examined carefully. They both are natural disasters that appear to be about to occur very soon. And if they come to pass, they will give strong credence to the rest of the Abba Father’s prophetic story.

The prophecies to watch for are:

--The British Petroleum oil spill is worse than we are being told. Efforts to contain it will fail. There will be another deadly explosion in the process and a lot of people along the Gulf Coast will be sickened by the noxious gasses getting into the atmosphere. Teams of specialists will be brought in and a fix will eventually be accomplished, although it may not last.

--The East Coast of the United States will suffer extensive flooding from some kind of natural disaster. The Abba Father said the entire coastal area “will become a water field.” Could it be the result of a severe tropical storm that ravages the coast line? He said there also will be an earthquake in this same area.

The July 1 message opened with the following description of what was about to happen:

“Torn away is the northern part of the east coast now. Real monsoon comes there. The oil will never stop. All animal life is going away. Protesters come there but are too late. Property is destroyed. Banking systems fail. Poor are stranded by the rich now. Soon the Earth will heave is despair over all the failures of mankind to make things right.”

The Abba Father said even the wealthy will not escape the ordeal that is coming. “Money will fail. Gold will not help. Wars will make everything worse. Properties will collapse under the Earth. No man will be safe. Manmade structures will fail.”

On June 23 the message said: “Piercing gas explosions are heard. This will be a warning of more destruction coming. No one can stop this event. Any more drilling will be a destructive way on Earth. . . Decision to drill is a big error. Stop now. Many will not live if more drilling goes on.”

The June 8 message included: “Strange waters are not clearing. They are not living anymore. Deadly black that lingers stops all life there, never to return. This will affect all mankind everywhere on Earth.”

It sounds like the ancient story of Atlantis all over again. Only instead of witnessing their arrival, we will observe the exiting of the invading alien race that has been holding us captive and enslaved as laborers for the wealth and power of a few for thousands of years.

The June 18 message warned against mining operations. “The Mother Earth is to precious to continue to mar her body anymore,” the Abba Father said. “Mining our Earth has always been wrong. Do not go there. Stop this. . . The ones who want to mine are keepers of an order called a one world government. They want others to become slaves for gold and all mining will kill the land.

“Keep this in mind always and never forget how you began. Our Earth was once green and lush but this mining way has damaged the Earth and now this Earth is becoming a desert where no crops will grow and all water is polluted . . . Do the right thing. No more mining for anything. Let the Earth rest.”

In the end, the Abba Father promises “wilderness will come back after this world heals from the harm all humans have done to it.”

The secret to fixing the mess we are in is love and light. We also must sing the heart song to erase the sadness in our hearts. We are instructed to use these tools, all locked safely in our minds, to survive the events that are upon us.

It is a strange story, and one that many people will write off as a fantasy that cannot be believed. But consider that the Christian faith offers an even more remarkable fantasy that involves a dead prophet returning in the clouds after 2,000 years and calling all true believers to fly up and join him in the sky.

We find the Abba Father story much more feasible than the Jesus story. And it offers a ray of real hope for all mankind, not just the few that accept Jesus as their personal savior.

Our advice: watch events in the Gulf and along the East Coast. If those prophecies come to pass, then we will all have good reason to believe the rest of the Abba Father’s good news.