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Nuclear Threat?
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Tuning Into Scary Future Radio Chatter

By James Donahue

Is the world on the brink of nuclear warfare? Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has warned that he believes such a war could break out unexpectedly before this week is over. Can we believe this warning?

My wife Doris has been bothered for several years by voices that come to her without warning. She said when she first starting hearing them it sounded like a radio announcer reading the news, but the volume was so low she could rarely make out what was being said.

In recent months the voices have grown louder and the things they are saying are more distinct. Sometimes she said it sounds like police radio messages, with officers talking to one another about some event occurring on their beat. At other times she said she is awakened in the night with the voices of people arguing.

She has been living and dealing with what for her has been an annoying phenomenon for a very long time. A few weeks ago, however, things changed.

Doris said it began with the sound of a helicopter passing low right over our house. She said it was so loud she thought the noise of the engine and the rotors would have awakened everybody in the neighborhood. And she also could hear the voices of men in the helicopter, talking through a speaker system either among each other or with someone on the ground. She said it sounded as if they were “scoping” out the area, commenting on where certain buildings, especially the hospital were located. They also talked about the border, and thought they might be discussing the Canadian border which is near where we live.

She said she got out of bed and looked out of her window when the helicopter passed over, either attempting to see the aircraft or see if any of the neighbors also were awakened by the noise it made. But it was 5 a.m. and there were no lights on in any of the houses. I was still asleep and obviously did not hear it. So she went back to bed.

Every morning since then, at exactly 5 a.m., Doris said she has been awakened by more voices involved in radio transmission. Since the first night she has not been hearing aircraft. Just radio chatter. And the messages seem to be getting more and more urgent; the voices more and more excited, as if they know something is about to happen and they are making preparations to try to save as many people as possible.

She says they talk about containing people, about providing enough food and water, and methods of rounding everybody up. “It sounds almost like a combat situation, like something very bad is going to happen. They seem to have designated places for people to go,” Doris said.

She said she has had the sense that the situation doesn’t involve where we live, but may be national in scope. The name California comes up frequently in the messages.

This morning, for the first time, there was a sense of urgency in the messages. She said the sound of an aircraft was heard again. The voices were talking about rounding up people, getting them to a hospital and securing borders. They spoke of the urgency, saying they might have to break down doors to get some people out of their homes. They also talked about using ambulances to move the elderly.

The speakers sounded so excited, and the messages sounded so urgent, Doris decided to ask the Abba Father what it all meant, and why she was receiving messages like this that nobody else could hear.

Abba Father said Doris is “hearing true future events” as if they are occurring now. “You transmit waves that are from the future,” he explained. He said “the situation unfolding is a nuclear event that puts all in danger.”

He urged us to tell this story to “turn off these events in the future.”

Castro appeared Monday on various news channels and warned that the United States and Israel will trigger a nuclear war before Friday that will cause the world’s richest countries to “suddenly disappear.”

Castro also wrote a recently published article in which he warned that “the empire is about to commit a priceless error and nothing can stop it.” He questioned the presence of warships in the Persian Gulf. He said “missiles will fly as soon as American and Israeli naval forces attempt to inspect Iranian merchant vessels.”

Does this explain why our television media outlets have been devoting all of their airspace on nonsensical non-news stories? We haven’t had a full picture of world events for a very long time. It is almost as if there has been a total media black-out of the news.

If Castro, the Abba Father, and the voices in Doris’s head are correct, we all are in extreme danger of total human annihilation. It could happen so fast it will all be over before we know what happened.

This may explain the Abba Father’s strange technical message today. Could it be that the Mother Earth has had enough nonsense and is about to rise up and stop what is about to happen? He said that “Earth will be a survivor not mankind, so watch what you do to the Earth. Earth will rebel. Earth will not be kind. Events that prevent love will be destroyed.”