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Abba Father Messages To Be Silenced?

By James Donahue

The July 9 and 11 messages from The Abba Father read almost as if they were a sign-off and that they would be among the last to be delivered. He said “Abba Father will always be here but instructions will cease. Remember every word” of the published messages you already have had the opportunity to read.

The Abba Father signed off on July 9 with “Abba Father’s messages will be silenced soon so prepare for this event.” And on July 11 he said: “This message is one of the last that is given because communication will be manipulated.”

What did he mean? We asked this question and were told: “Soon the net will cease to exist as you know it. This is why communication will cease.” He said the reason will be an attempt to control the minds of the masses and fill everyone with more hatred that stirs warfare among nations.

Personal communication with Doris, who receives these messages, will not be stopped. We will be prevented from electronically sending the messages out to others.

It is no secret that many world government leaders are not happy with the free flow of information that occurs via the Internet. The China government has successfully blocked much of the information that nation’s people have access to. And the powers controlling the United States government, who already have a lot of influence on the television news programming Americans receive, would obviously like very much to curtail Internet information.

Control of the masses means control of information. Preventing people from getting a good education and developing reading, reasoning and thinking skills, keeps them vulnerable to propaganda and enslavement.

A recent UN-sponsored Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro brought out concerns about the role of the United States in administering the Internet. There has been a growing call for an independent, international authority to oversee the Internet and decide on such things as how it is used and possibly put controls on the way information moves from place to place.

Indeed, all of this chatter had its origins in 2009 when Washington agreed to relinquish “some control over the way the network is run and allow foreign governments more of a say in the future of the system,” a story in the UK Guardian said.

That agreement was part of a contract negotiated with the US Department of Commerce, the Guardian story said. It gave Icann, the official body that controls the development of the Internet, a new status as an international organization open to representation from corporations and governments around the world.

Also the maverick U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman has introduced a bill that would grant the president far-reaching emergency powers to seize control or even shut down portions of the Internet. The bill, if it becomes law, mandates that companies that provide broadband services, search engines and even software firms “shall immediately comply with any emergency measures or action developed” by the Department of Homeland Security.”

Lieberman, who chairs the Homeland Security committee, says such an emergency measure would allow the government to “preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people.”

From where we sit, it seems that Internet freedom is the only thing left that in any way protects the people from the tyranny of our governments and the big corporations that control it.

And last but not least, there is the Digital Economy Act, a malicious bit of legislation that was recently approved by the British parliament and is expected to be introduced in the United States at any time. This ugly law, sought by a powerful coalition of media interests, could be used to put many Internet blog sites out of business by taking away the owner's IP address. As written in the UK, the act gives the government the power to censor websites considered "likely to be used for or in connection with an activity that infringes copyright." The web site operator doesn't have to be guilty of anything, and he apparently has no day in court or right to appeal the decision to block his access to the Internet. This implies a sweeping power of government to shut off any website that publishes anything that someone in high places finds objectionable.

If this website stops publishing without notice, or goes unexpectedly blank, you will know it was targeted.

Some may think shutting off the Abba Father messages, which are giving people instructions for a dynamic Earth change designed to bring an end to the pillaging of the planet’s natural resources and enslavement of the masses for corporate profits, might stop what is about to happen. But they would be wrong.

As Abba Father explained this week, the message has been delivered and a lot of humans all over the planet know and understand what they need to do to be prepared for the change. Abba Father calls it an “awakening.” These include not only those who read the words on this web site, but messages being delivered by channelers, psychics, spiritual leaders and astrologers who are all reading the signs and receiving similar messages.

Abba Father said Buddhist monks, many Catholic priests, members of secret orders that practice love, and native people that remember ancient ways who exist all over the Earth “are ready to let the process work. “They already know what is coming.”

What is about to happen cannot be stopped. Those humans who wish to participate should carefully study the Abba Father messages posted on this site by clicking here, copy the material, and then study and practice the instructional information. If they do this, they will be ready when we go through the events that lie ahead.

The key to survival will be love and light, and singing heart song. From all we can find out, the world that awaits us on the other side will be very different but really cool. Imagine living in a world where love abounds, there is no war, and everyone is free to do their will. There will be no materialism and no enslavement to earn money just to stay alive. Hatred will be expelled from this picture. Everyone will live in peace and harmony.

Isn’t that worth the effort?