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Singing Away The Heart Sadness

By James Donahue

There is an old phrase that people can die of a broken heart. There appears to be more truth to that statement than one might think. The Abba Father messages have been urging people to sing to erase the accumulated sadness and past regrets from their heart chakras in preparation for turning on their cellular light and power.

The Abba Father messages also include instructions as to just how to effectively sing away the dark shadows that linger in that key chakra in the body. We are to open out mouths and mentally think of singing through a hollow tube leading from the mouth directly into the heart, then sing.

The Abba Father says native people all over the world still know how to sing the heart songs, but the ancient knowledge has been forgotten by modern and contemporary humans who have turned to tread-worn religious belief systems instead.

My first thought was to sing some sad old spirituals I once sang in my younger years while involved in church and college choral work. While perhaps close, that isn’t heart song. The song to be sung involves an open-mouthed wail. Begin on one note and just hold that tone as you sing it. Then sing it again and again, allowing the tone to change as emotion begins to sweep over you.

I insisted on doing this while I was alone because I was quite sure I didn’t even want my wife to witness the agony I was about to endure. And I was right. I found a comfortable recliner and sat back, closed my eyes, and uttered my first open mouthed wail, sending it down an imaginary tube directly to the heart.

It was a low, dismal sound at first. I didn’t feel anything happening but I kept it up. Then, quite unexpectedly, the first wave of energy hit me. I had vivid images of sad things that happened in my past. The deaths of my parents, the things I wish I had done and said to them, the loss of  our beloved dog Muggins that died in my arms in a veterinarian’s clinic in Sedona, the day I cried after seeing our  only son, Aaron, go off to his first stint in the U.S. Navy, and times we watched Aaron lose his sense of reality after studying Remote Viewing, eventually driving us away from him.

The sadness rose up in me with such power I found my song changing to higher and higher frequencies, as tears streamed from my eyes. The emotional drain became almost too much to bear. At times I had to stop the song because my voice cracked, and I found myself crying aloud. I remembered things long forgotten . . . the day I accidentally ran over my dog when I was a teen living on the farm where I grew up. The last heart to heart conversation I ever had with my mother before she died. I had visions of the loss of other pets and friends, some of whom were lost in Vietnam, from cancer or traffic accidents.

The sadness came up in powerful waves, one almost on top of the other. Then, when I thought I could stand it no more, I began having visions of the suffering of people all over the world. I saw the dark skinned people of Africa and the Middle East being tortured and slaughtered. I saw the people dying in war. I even saw women being stoned to death in Iran. I was so overwhelmed by the grief these visions gave me I actually begged to have it all stop.

I am not sure if I was asking for the visions to stop, or the world suffering to stop. I think it was both.

It was then that the images were turned off. I continued the heart song for perhaps another ten minutes, with only one more little wave coming. I saw an innocent little cat we called Stinky, that we had taken into our lives just before we were driven from our home by events in late 2007. Stinky went missing and we never saw him again. I realized how much I had loved that cat and missed it too.

After that it was over.

It took a whole day to recover from this experience. After all, a whole year of built-up heart sadness is a major burden, and it was not an easy thing to expel. My heart actually ached from the experience, and I thought perhaps I might be having a heart attack. But the pain eventually went away.

I am writing this on the second day after I did my heart song. I am feeling really good today. There is an inner light and happiness bubbling in me that hasn’t been felt in a long time.

My wife, who did the heart song before me, chose to do it privately while sitting in warm water in the bath tub. She spent over an hour in her song. She said she experienced similar waves of sadness, but did not remember seeing visions. I think everybody experiences it in different ways.

Doris said it took her about two days to recover from her heart song experience. Indeed, she has had a lot of sadness in her life. She has watched the deaths of her father and mother and three brothers. There has been family and job strife that has followed her almost all of her life. And she mourned many of the same pets, and endured many of the same sorrows that I experienced.

And like me, my wife found that the peace and joy that filled her heart after completing the heart song and healing was well worth the effort.

This is the Abba Father’s gift for everybody.