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Growing Evidence: Martians Live Among Us

By James Donahue

Author Richard Hoagland has fallen under heavy assault since NASA published revised images of the alleged “face on Mars” that was the centerpiece of Hoagland’s shocking book of the 1990s: “Monuments of Mars, A City on the Edge of Forever.”

But Hoagland, who published images of the Cydonia area of Mars, shot from cameras on one of NASA’s 1976 Viking space probes, not only identified what appeared to be a mile wide image of a humanoid face looking directly up at the stars, but nearby structural images that included the remains of what appeared to be multi-story buildings plus a very large pyramid.

A later NASA probe included another fly over Cydonia and new images of the “face” were released that looked nothing like the face published in Hoagland’s book. It didn’t look like a face at all. How could this have happened? Was the new NASA photo faked or was Hoagland wrong?

While many writers have gone to great lengths to ridicule Hoagland’s theories, it appears that he was not the first, nor the last writer to have produced books and documents that have made such claims. And as new photos and information are made public, we are happy to say that Hoagland may at last be vindicated for the bold stand he took. Not only has the face that Hoagland first saw in those early images has been proven, but a second face also as emerged among the hundreds of thousands of new images.

Both faces can be seen in a video produced by Tom Van Flanden of Meta Research, Washington D.C. This video shows new images produced by a Mars Global surveyor currently circling the red planet that Van Flanden claims can be found in the NASA web site plus other sites throughout the Internet. You can watch this video at

Also seen on the Van Flanden video are images of a vast T-shaped structure and two excavated depressions that do not appear to be of natural origins, plus images of what appears to be vegetation the size of trees near the poles where it is believed that water exists, possibly under the surface of the planet.

Other startling photographs emerging from our space probes show strange tubes with distinct lines around them, giving the appearance of connections as if they were once used as water ducts or underground travel devices. They appear to give off light reflection suggesting they are made of something smooth like glass or finished metal. They do not appear to be anything of natural origin.

All of this appears to present strong evidence that intelligent life once lived on Mars but has been gone for a very long time . . . possibly millions of years. That the structures left seem to be massive stone monuments like the ancient ones we find on Earth, and the two faces look so much like our own, strongly suggest that the Martians may have migrated to Earth and that they may still be among us.

This theory is supported by many ancient texts and stories now being channeled to a growing number of people who are telling the stories in a variety of ways.

Genesis 6:4 says: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare (sic) children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

Other ancient text, including the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Enoch, also include similar stories. These “giants” that came to earth and planted their seed in the human women of earth were called the Nephilim.

It may be significant that the Genesis story also includes a decision by God to send a flood designed to destroy all of the wickedness on earth after the Nephilim arrived and began producing these unique children.

Recently we produced a series of articles based upon information received from an entity identified as Thoth who communicated with author Drunvalo Melchizedek and made public in a remarkable two-volume book: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. This entity identified the Nephilim as Martians, one of two alien groups that invaded our planet following a cataclysmic event that included “terrible earthquakes which continued without interruption.” During this disaster an entire continent, known as the land of Mu sank into the sea and 64 million people perished.

When this upheaval occurred, it created two empty vortexes, or doorways that brought two extraterrestrial races to our planet. They were the Hebrews and the Martians.

Of the Hebrews Melchizedek wrote that they came from the future, “from off the planet but I don’t know specifically where. The Hebrews were kind of like a kid who went through the fifth grade and didn’t make it and had to do that grade over again. They hadn’t graduated to the next level of evolution, so they had to repeat that grade. They knew a lot of things that we didn’t know yet. They had legal permission from the Galactic Command to step into our evolutionary path at that time. They brought with them, according to Thoth, many concepts and ideas that we had no idea about yet because we hadn’t entered into those levels of awareness. This interaction actually benefited our evolution, I believe. There was no problem with their coming to Earth and settling.”

Melchizedek wrote: “the other race that stepped in at that time caused big problems. These beings came from the nearby planet of Mars. It has become evident because of the situation that has developed in the world that this same race is still causing major problems. The secret government and the trillionaires of the world are of Mars extraction or have mostly Martian genes and little or no emotional/feeling body.”

He wrote that the Martians arrived while humans were living in a perfect environment as described as Eden in the Book of Genesis. This was on the ancient continent of Atlantis. This continent also was destroyed after the Martians built what Melchizedek described as a giant replica of a natural force around the human body, a massive pyramid and counter pyramid shaped machine called a mer-ka-ba that went out of control after it was switched on. This machine is allegedly still operating and occasionally raising havoc at the bottom of the Atlantic, somewhere in the heart of an area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

The Martians also appear to have been the giants who came onto the women of the earth. The Hebrews, who were advanced enough to have been recording events at that time, told the story in the best way they knew how. From what we now are learning, they were pretty accurate in what they described. They just didn’t give us enough information to put it all together.

The Abba Father, who has been communicating with us through my wife, Doris, is describing a major shift occurring on Earth that is designed to separate the humans from the Martians who still live among us. This is because the Martians, who look just like us but lack the ability to love, have become the power figures and corporate controllers of the material and financial wealth of the world. They have been enslaving the humans to serve their will almost since their arrival.

The failure of government, corporate and military leadership throughout the world, including the United States, to turn away from wars, controlling their hold on the material wealth, and refusing to reach out to the struggling masses, strongly supports both the stories told by Thoth and The Abba Father. People are forced into slave labor to produce additional wealth for the few who hold the keys to corporate power. Soldiers fight and die to feed the great military industrial machines of war that were created by the larger world governments. The world religious systems exist to keep the masses in check so they do not question or rebel against the slave masters and generate cause for additional hatred and warfare.

We moved from kingdoms to different forms of government following a world-wide revolution that raged in Europe, Russia and America, and there was an effort to take back property and wealth through Socialism, Communism and Democracy. But all of these forms of government were quickly altered to put the Martians back in control of the wealth. Now we are being told that something very different is happening. This is the reason the world appears to be in great turmoil.

The Abba Father, world psychics, spiritual leaders and astrologers are all pointing to a great shift in human consciousness that began on May 20, 2010. Since that time the Abba Father has been sending daily messages with instructions that they are published on this web site. They include descriptions of world strife that is beginning even now, but also giving all humans instructions for turning on their natural light source and emanating love and light from their heart and mind chakras to all others throughout the world.

What is occurring is that humans are starting to shed the shackles of slavery put on them by the Martians, and getting prepared to take over the planet. The Martians will be extracted, possibly by the very way they arrived. All that we know is that they are about to be stripped of their wealth and power and things will get so uncomfortable for them they will exit, stage right, when a special vortex opens for them.

This may all sound so incredible readers are saying James Donahue is not rowing with both oars in the water. Indeed, James Donahue, an experienced journalist who has seen a lot of strange things and has been among the greatest skeptics, has indeed been caught up in a quest that brought us through various experimental belief systems over the years. But even while we were on this journey the Abba Father was entering the picture and gently steering us into our present course - one that we believe offers real hope for all mankind.

We know that vortexes exist. We once lived in Sedona, Arizona, where people came from miles around to experience the benefits of such energy fields. The very home we rented was located right next to such a field. The concept of traveling through “time warps” or black holes in space has been mathematically proven by string theory physicists like Stephen Hawking who have built upon the work of Albert Einstein. Thus the thought of Martians traveling through an empty vortex to get here, and then leave again, is not inconceivable.

Some final pieces of the puzzle were recently answered by The Abba Father. We wanted to know that if the Martians arrived as giants, how they made themselves look like us. The answer might sound strangely familiar to many mothers who have experienced dreams, or have had some kind of memory of having been “abducted” to alien ships.

The Abba Father said the Martians have been abducting human women for thousands of years, fertilizing them with their genetic seed, and thus producing Martian children that grow up in families with other normal children.

“They will become a strange child, one different than other children in the family. They cannot process love,” the Abba Father explained. He said they also have the capability of communicating mentally with other Martians, are sought out by other Martians after they are about to leave the home, and usually end up with a mentor that guides them into the role they are chosen to play in the world.

The children must be produced this way because these altered Martians are sterile and unable to procreate as humans do.

Women who bear such children usually do not remember the process when they were impregnated with a Martian child, although “once in a while she may think she has had a dream. She usually notices a difference in the baby’s relationship to the others” in the family.

The only way to tell the Martians apart from humans is that Martians are filled with hatred and they cannot be compassionate or love others, The Abba Father said.

So what happened on Mars and why did the Martians lose their ability to love? In his book Melchizedek said Thoth explained the tragic events that occurred.

At one time Mars was a beautiful planet filled with water, trees and life much like Earth. Society there advanced much farther than it had on Earth. Then, “more than a million years ago the Martians joined the third rebellion, the third time that life decided to try this experiment. And the experiment failed dramatically. Planets everywhere were destroyed, and Mars was one of them.”

What occurred was referred to as the “Lucifer experiment” when life attempted to “create a separate reality from God.” Melchizedek explained that “a portion of life attempted to separate itself from all other life and create its own separate reality. Since everyone is God anyway, this is okay – you can do that. The only thing is, it never has worked so far. Nevertheless, they tried it again.”

He wrote that when anyone attempts to separate from God, “they sever their love connection with reality. So when the Martians created a separate reality, they cut the love bond – they disconnected the emotional body – and in so doing they became pure male, with little or no female within them. They were purely logical beings with no emotions.”

Once the Martians converted themselves they had no compassion or love. “Mars became a battleground that just kept going on and on and on. . . Eventually they blew their atmosphere away and destroyed the surface of their planet.”

The reason outside forces are getting involved with affairs on Earth is that the Martians are at it once again. If they are allowed to continue on the course they have been taking, they will soon destroy this planet too. Consequently we are getting some badly needed help from the outside.

If you are human, read the Abba Father daily messages, follow the instructions for turning on your light, use your growing power to send the light and love out to all of those around you, get prepared for a few months of extreme social upheaval, and feed on the comfort of knowing that we will soon be delivered from thousands of years of slavery.

If you are flourishing at the expense of others, are unable to experience love and compassion, and have no understanding or interest in what we are telling you, pack your bags. All of the wealth and power you think you now have will soon be taken away. Materialism will not be part of this world ever again.