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Those Daily Messages From The Abba Father

By James Donahue

I would encourage our readers to spend some time each day studying and thinking deeply about the messages we are receiving and publishing from an entity that identifies itself as The Abba Father.

While we are probably as perplexed as everybody else as to just who and what this entity is, we have become keenly aware that the messages offer comfort and hope at a time of despair in a world that is so overpopulated, stripped of its natural resources, caught up in warfare, racial and religious fervor, and poisoned with the pollution of our irrational way of life that the threat of extinction looms.

The messages, received by my wife, Doris during shared meditation at which time The Abba Father is called upon, are carefully written down in my longhand as they come from my wife’s tongue and then posted, exactly as received on my site. Unlike before, I now make no attempt to interpret the messages. As confusing and strange as they first may appear, we are discovering that the messages become shockingly self-explanatory within days and sometimes within hours of receiving them.

The Abba Father is giving us prophecy of future events that he says are about to change the world we live in forever. He also is teaching us how to awaken all of the cells in our bodies, and “turn on our light” from an energy source that is now streaming down over all mankind. Those who learn how to tap into this energy will find their lives changed to one of love and harmony. We are now being asked to use our “powerful minds” to transmit this light energy outward to all of the world and use it to stop war and killing, and bring this spirit of love to every nation.

This entity is constantly demanding that all greed and hatred must be driven out of our lives. Materialism is no longer going to be a way of life. There is something about to happen that will force us all to turn away from the old ways and accept a world as it was always meant to be.

From what we have been able to learn, The Abba Father appears to be part of some kind of a “Galactic Council,” or group of benevolent beings looking down upon this world from higher planes of existence, and possibly even from other dimensions, who have been aware of an invasion by alien beings that occurred many thousands of years in the past. These aliens, who look like us, have stripped us of natural abilities to telecommunicate, leave our bodies and travel anywhere at will, and use our minds to create whatever environment we choose to live in. They came to enslave the humans and turn all of the treasures of the planet over to them.

When you think about it, this is exactly how this world has been operating for as long as there has been written human history. First there were kings with all of the people in the kingdom working to serve their every whim. Then there was rebellion and efforts to change, but Democratic governments fell victim to corruption and greed. We now live in a world where a few very wealthy people control all of the wealth and insist that the people work in sweat shops and factories, work in dangerous mines under the Earth, or on dangerous drilling rigs seeking oil and other energy sources to enhance their fortunes.

The aliens have been in charge of the affairs of this planet for a very long time. They have used trickery, including manufactured false religious systems that teach fear of an external god or gods to keep the masses in check. They also use mind control devices, wars and systems of false information to cause groups to hate one another. They use clever advertising tricks to make people desire a materialistic life style that does not bring peace and contentment.

The Abba Father implied that there was a time when the powers looked down on us once considered the human race a lost cause and considered allowing us all to go extinct. But then something changed. As it was explained, the Earth moved into a new dimension on May 20 of this year. And after that date, we began receiving the messages of hope and restoration from many sources, including The Abba Father.

At the time we were instructed to begin publishing the daily messages, the Abba Father said: “You are now receiving the gift you always had but was turned off by the beings there. But will rescue each and every one who is of the earth.”

We are being warned to expect some difficult times ahead because drastic measures must be taken to destroy the old economic system, strip the aliens of the wealth they have too long hoarded, and then drive them off the planet. This will be a time of radical and sometimes dangerous change and adjustment.

In the end, those humans who learn how to receive and use the gift of light and love energies now being delivered will have the tools and the power to help in the battle to fix all that has been wrong with our world. In the end, our task will be to rebuild Eden as it was before the aliens arrived.

If you have not studied the Abba Father messages from the beginning, on May 31, we would encourage you to go to the special Abba Father message site by clicking here. Spend time studying and putting each message in your hearts. When you receive instructions for turning on your light, go into meditation and practice, doing exactly as you are instructed. You will be surprised at how easy it will become in a very short time.

Once you are on this path, continue reading the messages. We will continue publishing them until they stop coming.

Do not be deceived by the odd sentence structure or the peculiar variations in grammar. Realize that this entity from another dimension and another world is attempting to communicate with us in what, to it, is a foreign language. It would be like someone in China attempting to teach us vital information in English. The Abba Father also is clearly attempting to keep the message as simple as possible so that all who read it, even children, can understand.

As he promises us over and over, this gift is for everyone. No one is excluded. Only those who refuse to participate will find themselves left behind.

The aliens will be unable to participate and will be separated from the rest of us for one simple reason. They have an inability to experience love and compassion for others. This is why they had no problem trampling over mankind to achieve their material wealth and came very close to destroying our planet.