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Gaia Is About To Clean House

By James Donahue

The psychics, visionaries and astrologers all appear to be in agreement that something spectacular is about to occur on this planet that will save the Mother Earth and a remnant of humanity. And if noted visionary Stuart Wilde’s recent blog posting is correct, she is going to go about it in a most ingenious and amazingly natural way.

Wilde’s post, from a person identified only as Tom for obvious reasons, tells of a recent vision Tom had while participating in ayahuasca ceremonies with a shaman in Ecuador.

Ayahuasca is brewed from the vine and leaves of a Psychotria plant that grows in Ecuador, Columbia and other areas of the Amazon region. The substance is used in sacred sacrament, divinatory and healing purposes by the native shamans.

Since Wilde encourages a sharing of Tom’s story we will post a portion of it here, exactly as it appears on Wilde’s blog:

“My fifth night was very intense with the medicine being the strongest it has been for me for some time. It kicked in almost immediately and I was taken and shown the world at the edge of insanity.

“For three hours I was surrounded by a madness so intense that it almost overwhelmed me. I was at a loss to understand what and why I was being shown this. After the madness subsided I received an amazing insight into what I had experienced.

“Gaia showed me how, if mankind does not turn away from its destructive cycle towards the planet, one of the ways she would rebalance the planet would be to release DMT, phenethylamines and triptamines into the atmosphere . . . but not lasting 15 minutes or even two to three hours . . . rather seven days.

“You can imagine the result. She showed me the world going insane as they could not cope with what they saw . . . the DMT infiltrated everything including the computer networks. Only a handful of humans survive the trauma of what they were shown about themselves and the human condition.

“Only those with pure unconditional love in their hearts and who have experience of plant medicines to prepare them for an event like this have a chance of surviving,” he wrote.

Researching DMT we find that it is technically called dimethyltryptamine. It is a naturally occurring psychedelic substance found in various plants and even in trace amounts in the human body. Thus if Gaia, or the living Mother Earth decides to make a few changes to save herself from further environmental destruction by a human race that has forgotten their origins, she has all of the ammunition she needs to get the job done in one quick act.

Tom also wrote that the shaman he was with explained that he also had been shown visions “of Gaia releasing DMT into human beings from their pineal glands.”

The shaman told him that DMT is normally released only two times in the human lifespan, at birth and at death. “So the world in this case would be experiencing death by insanity,” he wrote. He said the shaman “felt that this event would occur sooner rather than later and might coincide with the end of the 26,000 year Mayan calendar cycle in 2012.”

If Tom’s vision can be accepted as a warning of events soon to come, there appears to be some irony to what is about to happen. It seems that only people who have had experience with the use of psychedelic substances from natural plants and mushrooms found all over the earth will be in any way prepared for the onslaught of DMT. These will be mostly the aboriginals whose shamans use these potions to bring the people into higher states of consciousness as part of sacred ritual.

People living in so-called modern religious oriented societies have banned the use of all “psychedelic” substances and send people to prison for just possessing them.

Guess which group will have the best chance of remaining on the planet after the seven days of Gaia-induced insanity?