The Abba Father
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Return Of The Abba Father

By James Donahue

A series of special stories based upon information received by my wife, Doris from a spiritual being that identifies itself as The Abba Father, gained much attention when introduced on this site in November, 2003.

The stories were stopped because of interference we will not explain here, and subsequent confusion on our part as to the accuracy of the information we were receiving. We have since learned that the Abba Father messages were not only accurate, but possibly a vital link to messages from spiritual forces interested in saving humanity from going into self destruct.

There is a spiritual war raging among unseen forces that either want us to become the beings we were designed to be, or fall into total failure. Because of this warfare, and because of blind superstition and ignorance, mankind has failed to evolve in the way it was intended. And time is running out.

The good news is that all is not lost. We have recently reopened links with the Abba Father and received instruction to restart the stories. They will be filled with important information about the looming “end-times” events, just what is about to happen to our world, and what we can all do to prepare for it.

May 31, 2010

First Of Daily Messages:

People all over the world are worried because they sense that their way of life as they have known it is racing to an end. According to psychics, prophets, visionaries and astrologers, they are right . . . a major change is upon us.

We will be publishing important information as we are receiving it in the next few days. The Abba Father, an entity from another dimension who is communicating with us through my wife, Doris, confirms that change is coming soon. We have been given instructions that daily messages designed to help people prepare for the change be posted.

Following is the first of what may be a long series of daily messages. We are printing them exactly as they were received:

“Try to put all hatred away for others. Stern warning about this now! Kindness will not be forgotten and healing will begin to come to earth. We cannot process the change in your brains until this has begun. Your brains are ready to put a new way of thinking there.

“Some cannot process the change but will deny its effects. Living there are beings who live for themselves and not others. These beings are not of this earth. They will become bitter. Hatred will strike them. Willing to stop all love. This will make the process in their brains impossible to correct. They will not be able to accept this gift.

“You are now receiving the gift you always had but was turned off by the beings there. But will rescue each and every one who is of the earth.”