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Honoring Victims Of Senseless Wars

By James Donahue

Today Americans all over the nation will be paying homage to the many soldiers that have fallen in battle throughout the bloody history of the United States. There is great tragedy in that so many young men and women have given their lives in wars that were senseless acts of aggression that never should have happened.

The only wars that had any apparent purpose were the American Revolution and World War II. Both seemed to have been unavoidable. All of the other wars, including the American Civil War and World War One could have been avoided.

The odd thing about the First World War is that the kings and royal families of all of the nations that first plunged into that brutal conflict were related to one another. All had been in communication with one another before the war broke out, and all had agreed not to go to war. So why did it happen anyway? That remains a great mystery.

The historical record clearly shows that the United States allowed and expected the Japanese to attack us. In fact, we appear to have provoked the attack and our commanders seemed to have gone out of their way to ignore signs of the impending attack on the morning it happened. Once we were attacked, there was no stopping us from declaring war against Japan and Germany.

Since World War II, we have never had a real war brought on by enemy provocation. Our battles in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were never declarations of war by the United States Congress. They were so-called “police actions” ordered by our presidents.

Korea and Vietnam were billed as attempts to stop the spread of communism. They were both unsuccessful and communism has, in the most part, collapsed on its own. It always was an imperfect political and economic system. Both wars ended in failure. The Korean mess was halted by a truce that never really brought an end to that conflict, and threatens even now to rear its ugly head once more. We left Vietnam in disgrace, having lost the war.

The attack on Afghanistan was a foolish response to the 9-11 attack on the United States by a radical Islamic group that had no allegiance to Afghanistan. The Afghanistan War has now become the longest war ever fought by the United States with no end in sight, and we are not fighing the people who attacked us. The war in Iraq was unprovoked and launched by a president who could produce no proof that Iraq was any threat to the United States.

None of the places where our troops have died since World War II have been a threat to the United States. This means that our troops who perished in these terrible wars did not die defending their homeland.

So why are we saying they did?

If the truth were known, these wonderful men and women gave their lives in the prime of their lives to feed the massive industrial military complex that our nation created during World War II. It is big business. And it has become so large in its scope, and so powerful, that we continue fighting wars to feed it.

Strangely, even the former soldiers who returned from these wars, both intact and maimed, appear to think that they were truly doing something important in the defense of their nation. Behold the power of mass brainwashing.