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A Network Of Mysterious Tunnels


By James Donahue


I can’t think of anything more foreboding than a strange unlit fabricated tunnel leading deep into the earth and that appears to have no end.


Some years ago I read an interesting book that told about such a tunnel found somewhere in Peru. I can’t remember the name of this book or the author. But the tunnel story was presented as if it were a true story. The author said expeditions into this strange shaft found that it was manufactured, the walls and roof were made of a solid material, and it seemed to have no destination and no end.


As I probe the web looking for strange reports I have collected a list of similar underground tunnels that really exist in unlikely places all over the world. And like the Peruvian tunnel story, these deep dark shafts, large enough to permit a full grown man to walk through, also appear to have no end.


Ancient tunnel networks are said to exist beneath the cities of Tokyo, Moscow, Jerusalem and London. Then there are the Bee Hive Chambers and Blakeney Tunnels of England and the Ellenville Tunnels of New York. A great chamber with spokes of tunnels leading from it is said to have one been discovered at the Grand Canyon, with Egyptian artifacts, including mummified remains of humans, stored there.


In 1985 Search magazine published a report from a high-ranking but unnamed Naval officer who said U.S. nuclear subs explored a large network of underwater tunnels under California. The story said the submarines went hundreds of miles into these tunnels without ever finding an end to them. Is the story true or only a myth?


The tunnels that are known appear to have no known history among local natives. Except for the tunnel system constructed by the Viet Cong for military purposes during the Vietnam War and the elaborate tunnels constructed under the fenced Mexican-American border for obvious reasons, the builders are unknown, as is their purpose.


Sometimes I wonder about the antiquity of these mystery shafts that appear to continue for miles without the benefit of artificial lighting or even adequate supplies of oxygen to permit exploration beyond a certain point.


Do they pre-date contemporary history? And if they really exist, might they all be in some way connected? Would they be gateways to some mysterious underground world as believed by the Hollow Earth people?


This is the kind of spooky stuff from where nightmares spring. The concept of walking into a dark foreboding pit of darkness manufactured by an ancient civilization or perhaps an entity that existed before humans did, sends chills up my spine.


Is there something in my cellular memory that warns me about this place, is it the question of the unknown, or do such tunnels exist at all? If he hasn’t thought if it already, writer Stephen King, who makes his living teasing the fears of the human psyche, might do well to utilize this concept in one of his books.