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Facing The New Age Of Aquarius

By James Donahue

“Harmony and understanding; sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions. Golden living, dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation, and the mind’s true liberation. Aquarius! Aquarius!”

These lyrics from the popular song Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” from the musical Hair that swept the nation in the 1960s described an astrological shift that folks who study the stars believe has either occurred or is in the process of occurring. The change, as expressed by Canadian composer Galt MacDermot, was warmly accepted by the youth of America who were rebelling against a war in Vietnam, the military draft, racism and runaway industrial pollution of the Mother Earth. The rebellion, which became the Hippie movement, was expressed in tie die dress, communal living, free love and Woodstock.

The youth of that period knew there was a better way for everyone in the world to be living, they expected a dramatic change to occur, and they were in a hurry to get there. While they had the right idea, unfortunately they may have misunderstood how it was all going to happen. The system in existence at the time overwhelmed the Hippie movement, it absorbed these young men and women so that they all turned into the very thing that they once rebelled against.

As explained by astrologers, the positions of the stars are always changing, and there occurs a dramatic shift about every 2,150 years that has a big impact on the way humans live on Earth. What the astrological world cannot agree on, however, is just when this new age is supposed to begin, how long and how dramatic the change will take to complete itself, and how we will be living when we get there.

We have heard it said that artists, who draw their genius from the right half of the brain, often become prophets in their day. We have all seen the creative works of science fiction writers of old, like Jules Verne, turn into reality. Even Chester Gould, the cartoonist that created Dick Tracy, give us glimpses of the future with many of the gadgets Tracy used to catch the bad guys.

Could it be that MacDermot had it right when he envisioned a new age of harmony, trust and golden living?

Indeed, the mystics throughout the world are all in agreement that something very important is happening to our planet. They say the state of political, religious and racial chaos that is occurring is a reflection of this shift because a lot of people are resisting it. They are struggling to hold onto the old way of doing things. They refuse to give up the archaic and dying religious systems, and old monetary systems, the old quest for wealth and power and all of the other material things that comprise the destructive way of life we have had for too long.

In the end, however, this change is coming at us like a runaway freight train, and there will be no way of stopping it. As we get closer and closer, the insanity that seems to prevail throughout the world is intensifying. It is obviously going to become a dangerous time, and many of us will not survive long enough to enjoy the new world that awaits us.

Terrorism by religious fanatics and even home-grown nut bags such as the recent incidents that occurred in the United States, is an extreme example of the way some people are reacting. We also are seeing an increase in the number of violent crimes that include killings, rapes, abductions of children, and pedophilia.

The political insanity occurring in Washington is yet another example. Who would have expected such wrangling over issues that we might expect our legislators to be in somewhat agreement over . . . restoration of jobs, improved health care, fixing the immigration problem, saving the environment and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure?

This writer has lived long enough and has delved into history enough to proclaim that we have never had the rash of natural and man-made disasters and mass deaths as we have witnessed just since the start of  the year 2010. In case we need a reminder they include: destructive earthquakes in Haiti and Chili, the volcano in Iceland that sent a cloud of ash over Europe shutting down all air traffic over the Atlantic for days, the terrible coal mine disasters in China and the United States, the extreme flooding in the Midwest and now in Tennessee, the super mile-wide tornadoes marching across the land and flattening everything in their path, and the deep water oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that threatens to destroy the entire Gulf Coast and possibly even the Atlantic seaboard.

I may have overlooked a few. They have been coming at us so fast we have difficulty remembering them all. It is getting so that we don’t look forward to watching the television news or turning on our computers for fear of hearing about some new and even worse disaster than the last.

Is this a result of overpopulation and our failure to care for the Mother Earth? Can we blame it all on global warming and climate change or is something more spiritual going on here? And how do we explain the strange and irrational behavior of so many people everywhere?

The Hindu Master, Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, is telling her followers that the Earth is going through a shift from the old three dimensional state into a fourth dimension. She says this shift is already beginning and is causing all of the extreme chaos. That is because all of the negative thoughts and energies created by humans since the beginning of our existence on this planet is coming up out of the Earth and entering us like demons.

Sai Maa gives instructions for dealing with this bad energy as it enters us. Instead of letting it overpower us and drive us over the brink, we must not resist or become excited. She said we must accept these energies, then take them into the heart chakra, then send them on into the light.

Susan Donahue, who is quickly gaining a reputation in California as a Theta Healer, also is using a similar technique in helping people deal with emotional and physical issues. She says she has great success in finding the root cause of the problem and sending it on into the light.

The Abba Father, an entity that communicates through my wife, Doris, also tells us that we must “heed a very strict undercurrent that will cause all to get ready” for the dimensional shift. This may require finding new spiritual pathways and turning away from the old and antiquated religious systems that tend to block people from seeing and understanding what is happening.

The Abba Father also says we need to raise our frequency in preparation for the change. This involves a simple mental exercise every day that everybody can do. He calls it reaching “the ultimate fire. Use your cells. Use your brain. Use your open ideas about yourself. Glow. No other is needed.

“Continue to turn on the light until you feel the warmth within. Now feel the sparks at your fingertips. They are felt there, tingling. You are now turned on to your light source. Never to be turned off. Keep this flowing every day. Raise the light. Raise the frequency,” he said.