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Planetary Alignments May Explain World Craziness

By James Donahue

You don’t have to be watching the news very closely these days to get a sense that something very strange is going on all over the world. In our attempts to explain it on a spiritual level, we attracted a suggestion by a person heavily involved in astrology that the answer may be found in the stars.

We read a few horoscopes and sure enough, the people who study such things say the alignments of what are called the “titan planets” Saturn and Neptune have set the stage for a virtual war between ideologies in just about every aspect of our lives. It hasn’t been this bad since the late 1960s when students were rioting against the Vietnam War, blacks were rioting for civil rights, great civic leaders like President John F. Kennedy and The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King were assassinated, and things were looking pretty bleak.

Yes, the stars were aligned this same way when all of that was going on, the astrologers tell us.

So if we can believe the star signs, how serious is our current situation? What do the astrologers say we can expect to happen?

Astrologer Georgia Nicols explains that the planets Saturn and Uranus are causing all the fuss. She says they get in this alignment every 45 years and it causes all kinds of trouble here on Earth. It usually continues for several months as the planets continue to swing past one another in this same alignment, each time causing people to behave abnormally. Nicols predicts “big upsets” between April 26 and July 26 this year.

The Dark Sun Astrology web site, prepared by someone calling himself Baron Samadhi, notes that “the two titans have been clashing on and off since the fall of  2008, with life and world changing consequences. The first opposition between the two occurred on the American Election Day (when Barack Obama was elected).

“The second clash between Saturn and Uranus followed shortly thereafter, in January of 2009, when the full impact of the economic destabilization was acknowledged. Fast forward to September of 2009 where we had the third clash. This one wasn’t as intense as the first two, but instead saw the health cre debate in America ramping up to cosmic proportions-evil vs. good, capitalism vs. socialism, freedom vs. tyranny, Uranus vs. Saturn.”

Samadhi writes: “The Saturn-Uranus oppositions, taken as a whole, are about shaking the bejesus out of the ‘norm.’ This quaking is not simply arbitrary. What is especially vulnerable to these rattlings are those buildings of shoddy construction – pieces of the norm that have no structural or ethical integrity. Like the wildly inflated and ungrounded stock market, or the American health care system.

“But this series of oppositions isn’t just about breaking down the broken. The intense vibration which manifests as the quake is also the brilliant energy of the lightning bolt. And symbolically where lightning strikes is where genius lands. Out of the rubble, people are inventing the future, bringing to life impossible Frankensteins,” he warned.

We can sense this happening in the new complex legislation working its way through the violence of our battling legislators, the world trade agreements being forged between countries, the take-over of world business interests by the Chinese, and the inability of world governments to decide what to do about global warming and the extreme changes in world weather patterns.

Samadhi sees the following occurring now that we are in the midst of the fourth and second to the final alignment: “Two roads are starting to diverge . . . one is people holding onto and defending structures which have no place in reality while the other is embracing the need for change and innovation.”

Indeed, the quest for more oil and gas well exploration, which has led to what is becoming the worst ecological disaster in history in the Gulf of Mexico, and the demand for alternative sources of energy is a perfect example of what Samadhi is envisioning.

“For those moving forward, this opposition will see new projects sparking to life, prototypes up and operational in the mad scientist’s lab,” he writes. “For those holding onto what’s well past its time, the opposition will come as another assault on the Fortress of the Known, its crumbling walls manned by the soldiers of fear.”

So what is in our future? Samadhi tells us that the final alignment is going to be very different from the first four. He writes that the first four were all been “oppositions between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. The Fifth and final will se the planets in different signs – Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Not only that, but the two planets will be tied into Pluto in Capricorn.

This, he says will amount to what he calls “the grand cluster fuck all the astro-nerds have been talking about.

“There are a variety of opinions on the subject, so here’s another one. The big configuration over the summer is, in part, the culmination of the Saturn-Uranus series, and on a personal level, the results will be the direct consequence of how well you handled the changes activated by the first four. You’ve got to guide your life into a structure that can handle that kind of juice.”

Nicols agrees that “big upsets are happening. The upside is whatever upsets us will force us to explore new ground, which widens our vision and experience of this world.”

California astrologer Risa D’Angeles notes that there is a distinct difference in the current alignment of Uranus and Saturn in comparison to what occurred in the 1960s. While Saturn is in Virgo and Uranus is in Pisces, the last time the two titans were aligned, Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Virgo.

D’Angeles notes that Pluto, the little planet that some now say is not a planet at all, also is playing a key role in this strange planetary alignment. As Samadhi noted, as things develop this year, the two planets will be tied into Pluto in Capricorn.  D’Angeles explains that this represents a complete transformation of civilization, culture, government and all structures of social order.

“Pluto also rules money,” she writes on her web site, Night Light News. “The prevailing economic situation is not one of months or a few years. It will continue to accelerate until the old ways are dissolved away enough so the new order, culture and civilization can emerge. Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024.

“What is occurring is an end to the materialism we have known,” D’Angeles says. This, she explains, was a focus only on form and matter and “money has been the foundation for all of our endeavors.” In its place will come a spiritualized social order “in the form of a sharing economy which later will consist of barter, community living and equal distribution of resources.

“This is the reorientation. In esoteric teachings this is the shift from the solar plexus (desire of one) to the heart (love for all),” she wrote. “The planets tell us the Earth and her kingdoms are now entering a phase of transformation that will alter the vibrational field, that time (as we have experienced it has accelerated) is over. The Ring Pass Not is slowly fading, veils between the planes are dissolving and revolution’s near. Are we ready?”