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Are Crystals Living Organisms?

By James Donahue

A few years back my wife and I acquired a large and beautiful crystal of many shapes. It projected various colors, and at times was so clear you could look into it and observe strange images. On other days the crystal became murky and even turned grey. It was always changing.

We had this crystal when we lived for a while with a Navajo medicine man, Raymond Begay and his wife. These people were fascinated by this crystal. Raymond would stare into it and say that the crystal told him stories of its past.

We discovered that the crystal would change color depending on its environment. When placed in a dish of sea salt it seemed to regain its clarity. The natives told us to place it out of doors under a full moon to cleanse it of unwanted energies. I never knew if this was true or not.

Because of the way this crystal behaved, and because it is known that crystals actually grow if left in the ground or in caves over time, it occurred to me that they appear to be alive. Obviously other folks have had the same thought.

I found a web site that attempted to glean an answer to this question. The most common response was that they are not alive. The idea was that living creatures must be capable of reproduction, access food for energy and interact with the surroundings to improve its situation.

But what is to say that a crystal does not do all of these things? That crystals grow, and sometimes parts of them break off and become new growing crystals suggest that they not only gain sustenance from the earth for growth, but can reproduce. That they do this while in their natural environment in the earth suggests that they surely interact with their surroundings.

The only difference is that crystals take a very long time to accomplish all of this. They appear to us to be no more than glistening types of hard crystalline material. But they are very ancient. They are comprised of atoms that are filled with energy, just like our bodies are. And they will someday die when the Mother Earth ends her existence in this solar system.

Nearly all aboriginal tribes in the world not only believe crystals are alive, they believe the Mother Earth is a sentient being and goddess from whom we all emerged and from where we gain all sustenance for life. When you think about it, how can we argue with that?

An article by Mary Kurus states that “crystals come from within Mother earth. They are alive and intelligent, having the intelligence of nature within every cell of their beings.”

Drunvalo Melchizedek, in his two-volume book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, wrote that he not only believes crystals are alive, but that they are conscious he has successfully communicated with them. He also believes crystals can affect people they come in contact with in a variety of ways.

Melchizedek offered a personal story of being challenged to prove his belief by a class he was teaching in San Francisco. He said he gave everyone in the class a pencil and paper, then produced a crystal that no one in the class had ever seen. He then instructed each of an estimated 30 class members to place the crystal on their forehead and ask “Where are you from?” then pass it on to the next person.

The very first word that comes to mind was to be written down on the piece of paper and folded, so it could not be seen by anybody else. “We passed that crystal around to thirty people, and everybody wrote down an answer. Then we looked to see what we received. And every single person had “Brazil” written down,” Melchizedek wrote.