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Sound From Strings
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Are Physicists Close To The “Theory Of Everything?”

By James Donahue

Experimentation with the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland has involved efforts by world physicists to force the smallest known particles within the atom, called hadrons, to crash into one another at nearly the speed of light.

The Geneva experiments appear to be designed to test new theories within the world of quantum physics. Among the most known is the String Theory, a complex idea based on the possibility that particles within atoms are not particles at all, but strings that can be interwoven in various patterns and dimensions.

Looking deep within the atom at an extreme molecular level, scientists have identified something they call the quark, which is an elementary particle and consequently a fundamental element in matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons. Protons and neutrons are classified as hadrons.

By smashing hadrons together at extreme speeds, the physicists at Geneva are hoping to test these new theories that include not only the Big Bang theory of how the universe was formed, but find the existence of such theoretical things as the Higgs Bosom, a so-called composite particle that acts like a glue to explain how matter can have mass.

Going into the complexities of the string theory will serve little purpose in this article. The point we are attempting to make is that within this theory is a mathematical explanation for just about everything known to exist, including gravity.

That the String Theory also provides for multiple universes of various dimensions leads us to believe that world physicists are getting very close to discovering the reality of existence. String Theorists appear confined to no more than 11 dimensions, however, while there is reason to believe there may be many more.

In our contacts with The Abba Father, my wife and I have learned that this entity exists in the Thirty-Ninth Dimension. After publishing that discourse in an article some years ago, we received an letter from a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis expressing interest that one of the secrets of the hidden knowledge of the order had been revealed.

More recently, our daughter, Susan, in her studies in Theta Healing, has been taught to leave her body and enter a Seventh Plain where she makes contact with The Creation of All That Is. Even more interesting is that Susan has learned that within each plain exist millions of dimensions, plus all of the knowledge of everything. Instead of spending lifetimes attempting to theorize on the existence of our universe, all one has to do is learn how to leave the body and explore these plains and all things will become known, she reports.

So much for people who devote their lives to understanding physics and working mathematical formulas to test theories about all that is.

Susan says that she also has learned from this entity that all viruses, germs and prions, those mystery things that cause mad cow disease in cattle, sheep, deer and man, plus all of the cells in our bodies, communicate with one another by sound waves. Healing sometimes involves communicating with these minute creatures and explaining that their presence in the human body is causing harm and then asking them to leave.

The String theory supports the sound wave story as told by the Theta Healers. String dynamics are governed by tension and kinetic energy that combine to produce oscillations. These oscillations are believed by scientists to produce ”vibrating modes,” or sounds

One interesting thought is that the various oscillations permits “interactions between particles” due to vibrations much like a guitar string produces multiple but distinct musical notes.

Yet another exciting aspect of the String Theory is that there also may be a connection to a space/time continuum. In other words, if scientists can prove the String Theory to be the correct “theory of everything,” it may open a door to both time and space travel.

Indeed, there is evidence that experimentation in time travel has been going on. And new theoretical methods of traveling through space at speeds exceeding the speed of light have been suggested in recent scientific journals.