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The Katla Effect
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Second Iceland Eruption Could Send World Into Deep Freeze

By James Donahue

A few months ago my wife and I received a warning from The Abba Father that something phenomenal was about to happen on our planet. I didn’t publish the information because I thought it was in conflict with information the Abba Father gave us earlier and thought perhaps we could not trust it. After the eruption of Island’s volcano Eyjafjallajokull and the effects of the massive cloud of dust it sent over Europe, it struck me I may not have correctly interpreted the data.

The information received in July, 2009 was that “roaring heat will come soon . . .unexpected temperatures stored inside the earth will flow of heat. Untold heat in existence on Earth. No one will expect this change.”

I published that report. I had in my mind that the Abba Father was perhaps telling us about global warming or perhaps a solar flare.

Then in October we received this message: “Powerful Earth changes come that causes Earth to sleep. She needs sleep to repair damage done to her. She will not sleep long but this sleep causes famine all over the Earth. Not one portion will be exempt from this sleep. The awakening will make all Earth green and all humans will not hurt her again.”

The Abba Father said the entire planet will go into a temporary cold period when no crops will be harvested and many people will perish for lack of food.

My problem with these two messages was that they appeared to be in conflict with one another. But after the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano and the giant ash cloud that disrupted air traffic over much of Europe. Suddenly the Abba Father’s message began to make sense.

People who study volcanoes say that Eyjafjallajokull has a big brother of a volcano nearby that usually erupts once Eyjafjallajokull goes off. The larger Katla volcano usually always erupts too. The only question is just when this will happen.

Volcanologists say the heat from the Eyjafjallajokull eruption is melting the glacier ice packed over the dome on Katla, which could help spark the larger eruption. And that volcano has the potential of sending enough ash into the stratosphere of the planet to cause a global cool-down.

Gary Hufford, of the Alaska Region of the National Weather Service, was quoted as saying this has happened before.

“When Katla went off in the 1700s, the USA suffered a very cold winter. To the point, the Mississipi River froze just north of New Orleans and the East Coast, especially New England, had an extremely cold winter.”

Historians record that 1816 was known as “the year without a summer” after several volcanic eruptions, including a major eruption of Mt. Tambora in Japan in 1815, sent enough ash in the stratosphere to cool the planet by about 0.7 to 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit. That was enough to allow summer frosts to destroy crops all across North America and Europe.

Is the Iceland event the beginning of the world-wide disaster the Abba Father spoke of? Indeed, the description of “roaring heat” which was “stored inside the earth” is an exact description of hot melted magma inside a volcano before it explodes. Then the tons of volcanic ash that could be blown into the stratosphere, and hover there for months, could cool the planet enough to create a world-wide famine.