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The Calvary May Be Coming To Our Rescue

Last of the Martian Series

By James Donahue

“He will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” (Matt. 3:11-12).

It is clear that the human race, in its present condition, has made a mess of Planet Earth. What is worse, the leaders of the various nations are so divided over just how bad our situation is, and what to do to correct it, we appear to be about to run ourselves wildly off a cliff into total destruction. We don’t seem to know how to stop ourselves or reach agreement that we need to try.

If the writings of Drunvalo Melchizedek, in his work The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life is correct, help may be on the way.

He wrote that because of this “mistaken fall in consciousness and the ensuing efforts to get us back on track . . . something really good—something unexpected, something amazing—has resulted. Beings from all over the universe who have been trying to help us with our problem have initiated various experiments on us in an effort to assist, some legally and some without license.

“One particular experiment is resulting in a scenario that no one anywhere had ever dreamed would become a reality, except one person in a single culture from a long-distant past,” Melchizedek wrote.

While he did not call this person by name at this point in the book, he later referred to his source as an ancient who he says existed on Earth for 52,000 years, having been first born as a citizen of Atlantis. While this person had many names as he moved from one culture to another, he was known as Thoth while in Egypt. Thoth left the planet for another existence in 1991. Before he left, however, he supposedly gave much knowledge to Melchizedek.

We might scoff at Melchizedek’s prediction of future events, apparently scheduled to occur in December, 2012, but for the fact that many other prophets and spiritual teachers, including the entity Abba Father with whom my wife, Doris, communicates, are handing down almost parallel predictions.

Eerily the Mayan Calendar, found inscribed in stone in Central America, abruptly stops on December 21, 2012. This has led to speculation that even the Mayans were aware that something important was going to happen at that time in history.

What the masters are saying is that the Earth is about to move into a higher dimension, or possibly return to the dimension it existed in before the Martians brought us crashing down into a Third Dimension reality. It also appears that the people who are causing all of this confusion and polarization, which was never supposed to be our nature, will in some way be removed from our midst.

Indeed, in the way it is carefully explained in Melchizedek’s writings, the shift may come upon us in such a way that it will appear as if a “rapture,” like the one described by Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, actually occurred. But instead of Christians disappearing, millions of humans will be separated from the Martians who occupy the bodies of the power figures. These are the guys that have been pulling the strings since the time they first arrived and built their Mer-Ka-Ba on Atlantis.

In other words, the powers that look down on this planet are preparing to clean house and put everything back in order, the way it was from the beginning.

Melchizedek writes that he is unsure just how long this ascension process will take. It may be a slow and painful process that will occur for as long as two years. If this happens, we will watch the polarity grow worse, a break-down of governments and social orde, and there will be insanity, rioting and total chaos everywhere. This will lead to blood in the streets. No place on the planet will be safe. Many militia groups are forming and people are hording supplies of food and guns because of a subconscious knowledge of what may be coming.

But Melchizedek says because of the experimentation that has gone on, and our exposure to alien beings, he believes we may actually experience a kinder and simpler event that may last no longer than a few days, or even a few hours. If he is right, we will go through no more than a few days of extreme strangeness before we find ourselves in a new world and in a Fourth Dimension of existence.

“Then there is a period of five or six hours before the dimensional shift begins,” he wrote. “This is a very strange time when the fourth dimension begins to leak into the third dimension.”

His description of what he believes it will be like to go through this shift is somewhat like going through a psychedelic enhanced experience. For those of us left unprepared, the experience might scare the heck out of us. In fact, if we are not spiritually prepared, and our hearts aren’t filled with love and light, we could be kicked back to the old three-dimensional world from which we came.

This might explain why the Abba Father has been urging everyone to go into their heart chakras, turn on the light in every cell in the body, and emanate love and light. In one session about a year ago he instructed us to “feel every cell communicating together. Raise the light now like a flame (with) sparks glowing. Keep this resonance in your head, using sparks glowing evermore. Do this quickly. Turn on. Turn on. Lights glowing forever. Keep this momentum, feeling the glow.”

This, the Abba Father said, is the key to ascending into the new Earth when the time comes.