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Worshiping The Pyramid
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The Significance Of The Pyramids On Earth

Part 6 of the Martian Series

By James Donahue

“Just my vengeance complete, The man sprang to his feet, Stood erect, caught at God’s skirts, and prayed! So, I was afraid!” –Robert Browning

The Mer-Ka-Ba’s basic structure is the pyramid. If the story is true that Martians were here on Atlantis and attempting to reconstruct the great time machine that they once had on Mars might explain why this planet has gone so far astray.

As the story is told, these aliens were attempting to use this machine to gain supreme power over the Earth. Their efforts may account for the massive stone pyramids and structures with pyramid shapes that are found in ancient rock formations all over the planet.

Author Drunvalo Melchizedek, in his book, Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, said he learned through channeling with the entity Thoth that the Martians intended to create a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba complex like the one that was built on Mars some 50,000 Earth-years earlier. But they did not remember exactly how to do it and mistakes were made.

They set up the machinery then threw the switch. Almost immediately they lost control of the situation. As Melchizedek described it: “The degree of destruction was more horrible and sinful than I care to describe. In this reality, you can hardly make a greater error than to create an out-of-control synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba.”

It appears that the structure in Atlantis involved three giant-sized Mer-Ka-Bas, operating side-by-side. When operating correctly they apparently spin in the same direction, counter-clockwise. But the middle device in this trilogy began spinning clockwise. And that became a powerful and destructive energy force.

“What the experiment did was begin to rip open the lower-dimensional levels of the Earth—not the higher ones, but the lower ones. . . Had this experiment continued, it would have destroyed the Earth forever. This out-of-control Mer-Ka-Ba field, first of all, released a huge number of lower-dimensional spirits into the Earth’s higher-dimensional planes. These spirits were forced into a world they did not understand or know, and were in total fear.

“They had to live—they had to have bodies—so they went right into people, hundreds of them into each person in Atlantis. The Atlanteans could not stop them from entering their bodies. Finally, almost every person in the world was totally possessed by these beings from another dimension.

The other thing that happened was that the reality of the Earth, as enjoyed by the Atlantians, plunged from the Fifth to the Third Dimension. It also caused great confusion in space and time, and framed the spirits of the people within their bodies. After the fall they no longer remembered how to leave their bodies or to do many of the wonderful right-brain things they once could do.

After Atlantis sank, the three Mer-Ka-Ba devices sank with it. The theory is that they continue to run as they have for 200,000 years. This, wrote Melchizedek, would explain why airplane pilots and ship’s captains get confused at certain times when passing over what has been known as “The Bermuda Triangle.” These are times when the middle Mer-Ka-Ba is spinning in the wrong direction.

Melchizedek said he believes this machine is the cause of distortions all over the world. He listed such “distortions” as wars, marital problems and even emotional disturbances, linking all of the world chaos to an “imbalanced field.” He said the force of this field also is projecting far into the remote areas of space, which has caught the attention of aliens in other solar systems.

He said this may be one of the reasons Earth is being visited by alien space craft. Melchizedek believes other advanced life forms are here to try to fix the problem created by the Martians. “What they did back in Atlantis was against all galactic law. It was illegal but they did it anyway. It will be solved, but not until the year 2012,” he wrote.

That Melchizedek believes the Martians may still be among us, may help explain why so many ancient stone pyramids and structures with pyramid shapes have been found on the planet. Have they continued to try to rebuild this terrible machine, or were the tribes of humanoids compelled to try to duplicate the machine that the powerful “gods” of Atlantis once manufactured?

And what can we expect to happen in the year 2012? We will explore this question next.