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The Alien Effect

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The Martian Invasion Of Atlantis

Part 4 of the Martian Series

By James Donahue

“And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning. Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.” Ezekiel 1:14

Humans have always held a fascination for Mars and the possibility that life may have once existed there. When I was a young man with his nose constantly in a book, one of the readings I best remember was Ray Bradbury’s strange science fiction work, The Martian Chronicles. It was a series of short stories, all with the same theme . . . the last Martians living on a dying planet.

H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds, published in 1897, told of an invasion of Earth by Martians in giant machines. The story appeared in Hollywood films and a classic radio spoof hosted by Orson Wells that frightened a lot of Americans. 

Indeed, early astronomers speculated about the possibility that life existed on Mars as early as the mid-Seventh Century when telescopes were capable of observing polar ice caps, and strange lines believed to be canals. And that suggested that water existed on Mars.

Astronomers also were interested when they found that Mars had similarities in Earth in that the length of a day was almost the same, the axial tilt was similar to Earth’s and that the planet probably experienced seasonal changes just as we have on Earth..

Improved telescopes and early exploratory satellites sent to photograph Mars up close and finally land rovers groping their way across the landscape made it clear that the red planet was nothing more than a rock in space without much of an atmosphere and lacking any sign of life.

But wait. What about the Mars rock found in the Antarctic that contained fossils of pre-biotic chemistry? The rock suggested that there may have once been primitive life forms on Mars. And then there was Richard C. Hoagland’s book, The Monuments of Mars, in which he finds images of what appear to be the remains of ancient ruins and a mile-wide humanoid face in NASA photographs shot from the Viking I fly-by in 1976.

As hard as NASA engineers have attempted to show that Hoagland was wrong in his assessment of those “structures” found in the Cydonia region of Mars, there has been a strange unwillingness by NASA to explore that part of the planet to find out exactly what does exist there. New fly-over images of the “face” show nothing more than an odd formation of hills that no longer look like a face. But could the later images have been photo-shopped to distort what is really there? Conspiracy theories abound.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, in his compelling two-volume book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, says he has been shown via channeling with the ancient Egyptian entity Thoth that Mars was once a flourishing planet full of life and humanoid life forms much like Earth in the very distant past. The story he was told was that the Martians were an old civilization and extremely advanced in their technologies which brought about their downfall. They used this technology to destroy Mars much as is happening on Earth today.

The fault, Melchizedek believes, can be traced to the Martians fleeing their own dying planet some 65,000 years ago and invading Atlantis. There was a war at first, and the Martians were so outnumbered they lost the battle. But they were allowed to stay on Earth as long as they agreed to live peacefully.

But the Martians, who remained colonized among themselves, were not left and right-brained thinkers like the Atlantians. Because of certain events that had occurred on Mars, leading to the destruction of that planet, the Martians became predominantly left-brain thinkers. Thus they were builders and industrialists. In their own way they slowly changed the world to what it has become today.

Metchizedek wrote: “The Martians kept putting out these left-brain inventions, one after another after another, until finally they changed the polarity of our evolutionary path because they (Earth humans) began to “see” through the left brain, and we changed from female to male. We changed the nature of who we were. The Martians gained control bit by bit until eventually they controlled everything without a battle. They had all the money and all the power.”

Metchizedek’s work suggests that the two kinds of people in the world today are separated by one distinct genetic variation. Some are Martians and some are not. You can determine which is which by the way they think and act, and especially by one distinct fault. The Marians are incapable of love. They have no empathy for others and have no conscience when it comes to killing or destroying the lives of innocent people to gain personal wealth or ambition. Consequently, they are the people who have risen to industrial and political power and consequently control the wealth of the world.

How could something like this have happened to the Martians? They were not always like this. But they invented a machine of great power than not only changed them and destroyed the environment on Mars, but almost destroyed Earth after they arrived here. It is still at work putting our planet and our civilization in greater and greater peril.

That machine was called the Mer-Ka-Ba. More on this tomorrow.