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The Old Stories
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The Mythology Of Ancient Civilizations

Part 2 of the Martian Series

By James Donahue

“You do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived.” From Plato’s Timaeus

There has been an intense interest throughout the world in the mythological stories of lost continents and lost cities from an ancient time long lost in the dust of time. That may be because there is a recollection of these places still locked in the cellular memory of every one of us.

We are fascinated by every reference to the stories because they stir memories of a period when humanity lived in harmony and love. We all possessed a psychic ability to communicate telepathically, understand the world around us and the power within via our third eye, and travel the universe by simply leaving the body at will.

It was Plato that wrote of the lost continent of Atlantis . . . a place where humans had reached great heights of achievement before everything was destroyed in a great cataclysmic event that left this marvelous place in ruins and sunk to the very depths of the sea. Was it merely a story or was Plato writing of real events? And if it was the latter, where did this story originate?

Similar myths concerning yet another, or possibly part of the same lost civilization, are told about the lost continents of Mu and Lemuria. Some have theorized that such places may have once existed somewhere on the Pacific Ocean, or on lands now sunk in other oceans of the world.

Were such places real, or are the myths fabrications of ancients who invented stories of a better time when humans lived in harmony before some catastrophic event changed everything? It is believed that the old stories were handed down through the generations because they were important. And while they may have been distorted over time, they were based on real events as best understood by the people who witnessed them.

Indeed, as technology has made it possible for oceanographers to explore and photograph every inch of the ocean floors, discoveries of ancient stone structures have come to light off Japan, in the Pacific Ocean; off India in the Indian Ocean; and off Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. Others may eventually be found. These structures strongly indicate that very ancient civilizations once existed, and reached a state of advancement that may have been equal to what we know today.

Until archaeological divers can someday reach the great depths where such structures have been found, we can only speculate what kind of civilization existed that erected such tall stone monuments, massive pyramids and even built what appear to be paved highways.

Throughout history there has remained a secret knowledge among magickians and occultists that has been hidden from the general public because of the threat of severe persecution and murder by the religious organizations. Secret societies have gone to great lengths to protect this information. Those that dared to expose certain psychic and mystical abilities they were born with and dared to use to help their neighbors were deemed as witches and warlocks. They were tried, jailed and often put to death by Christian and Islamic extremists.

Priests that accompanied the early explorations into South and Central America made sure that the great libraries of the cultures that existed there were burned because they did not support the Christian belief systems. Thus much knowledge about the origins of these people was lost. The church also was blamed for the destruction of the great library that once existed in Alexandria, Egypt. This library was said to have contained all of the literature known to have existed in the world.

The secret knowledge now being revealed involves utilizing an ability to “see” future and past events, heal afflictions, travel out of the body, and read other people’s thoughts and motives. For some people these abilities seem to come naturally. Others can achieve many of them by intense mental practice. It is as if they are abilities we were all supposed to have enjoyed, but forgot over the course of thousands if not millions of years.

What could have happened to cause us to lose such marvelous gifts? We suggest that the problem involved an alien invasion and the use of technology that altered the thinking process of humanity. These outside forces may have gone so far as to have altered our DNA or used powerful energies that created mass confusion in the way people thought. If they came from other dimensions, such entities may have entered and possessed the bodies of some humans, like demons, thus secretly mixing with the existing society in three-dimensional bodies.

If they did such a thing, and if we are still stumbling against mass confusion and an inability to generate peace in the world, we suggest that the aliens are still here. And if this is true, we must question if all humans are infected with this alien gene, or whether a portion of us are aliens in disguise?

Since an extreme polarizing of humanity appears to be occurring at this time, we might assume that the latter is true. Remember that in our opening story we suggested that there are two types of people in this world. There are those lighted with love and good will for their fellow man, the Earth and all of the creatures on it, and those who express darkness, greed and self-centeredness. These are the hunters; the ones who can turn a shotgun on a deer, a dog or their fellow man and not feel a sense of remorse for having done it.

There will be more to come on this subject in tomorrow’s report.