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Is An Alien Race Controlling Our World?

The Martian Series Part 1 of 6

By James Donahue

“The whole world is suffering with unhappy souls, the French hate the Germans and the Germans hate the Poles. The Poles hate the Yugoslav’s, the Yugoslav’s hate the Dutch. And I don’t like anybody very much.” –Kingston Trio

This will be the first of a series of articles in which we lay out a hypothesis suggesting that humans have been not only manipulated but possessed by an alien race of beings, perhaps for as long as there has been recorded history.

There has always been racial, religious and political bigotry in the world, but rarely has it been as severe as it appears today. And during an age when new technologies have opened communications with people everywhere, and high speed travel makes it possible for world leaders to have regular face-to-face dialogue, such polarization doesn’t seem to make sense.

Writing from personal experience, I can say that once we get to know someone it is not easy to hate that person. The word “hate” is such an extreme emotion it should not be part of our vocabulary. Hate is the opposite of love. And love also is an extreme emotion, but one that makes all who experience it feel so good we seek to constantly remain in that state of consciousness.  

Love has been the root of the teachings of all of the great prophets and spiritual teachers, many of whom sparked the great religious movements. The primary message taught in Buddhist temples, Jewish synagogues, Moslem mosques, Hindu mandirs and Christian churches is that we express love for our fellow man. Perfect, unconditional love is the glue that brings peace and joy to everyone experiencing it. Yet, for some unexplained reason, the human race has always had difficulty achieving this perfect state of bliss.

The peculiar result of the new communications technology is that instead of developing a growing understanding and appreciation for people of other races and cultures, and a realization that they are “just like us,” we have formed, instead, a growing rift between collective blocks of people. People are actually using the Internet as a tool for intensifying this division through stories that breed mistrust and suspicion of wrongdoing.

Like barbaric children nations and cultures go to war against other nations over religious and racial differences, land disputes, and the quest for wealth, power and control of dwindling natural resources. The rise of hate groups like the Teabaggers, the Klu-Klux-Klan, religious anti-abortion belief systems, the White Aryan Resistance Movement, skinheads and most recently, the Hutaree Christian militia group, many of them stirred by the political rhetoric of elected politicians and radio and television commentators, is a troublesome example of the extreme division that is occurring in the United States. Many of these groups carry signs of the Christian cross and claim to be inspired by God.

That radical Islamic clerics can produce men and women willing to strap bombs on their bodies and then blow themselves up in crowded buildings and market places, killing people they do not know in the name of Allah, is yet another example of a world that appears to be going insane.

Is it insanity or is it something else? Could it be that a certain segment of humanity has been genetically altered, or even mentally controlled by an alien force that has been among us since the beginning of recorded time?

Why was it that when great prophets like Jesus, the Krishna, the Buddha, and Mohammad rose up among us, devoting their lives to showing humanity a better spiritual pathway based on love for one another, they were all murdered? After their disposal, these great prophets were falsely proclaimed to have been deities and radical religious systems grew up around the fact that they were here.

The so-called “gods” listed above were not the first of their kind. Ancient text tells of earlier god figures such as the Persian sun-god Mithra, the Egyptian god Horus and the Mesopotamian god Marduk. All were the origins of great religious systems preceding what exists today.

If we can exclude the differences in skin color, creeds, nationalities and political leanings, we can separate humanity into one of two types. There are those who radiate the light of love in both their words and deeds, and those that seem incapable of empathy for either man or beast. Those who can hunt and kill animals merely for the thrill of killing are examples of the cruel hearts possessed by the latter.

When we see our elected representatives in Washington go to war against other nations without cause, and support the massive genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, this is an example of the cruel hearts that should not be among us.

Humans have always had the potential of rising to greatness. We have achieved amazing accomplishment, from composing music and poetry so magnificent it brings tears to our eyes when we hear it, to erecting monuments with such precision and skill that people come from all over the world to admire their beauty. We have produced great philosophers, teachers, and healers who have devoted their lives to giving aid and comfort to the poor and downtrodden, and inspired young men and women to rise to the height of their abilities throughout their lives.

The golden ages, however, have been few and far between. The people of light, like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King for example, have worked hard to make their mark. But these bright stars that walked briefly among us seem to have had their light dimmed by all of the greed and quest for self gratification that prevails among the masses.

If the story in the Book of Genesis is correct when it says that humans were made in the image of the Creator, why has there been this seed of imperfection from our very origins? Why was it that one of Adam’s two sons, Cain, murdered the other in a jealous rage?

We suggest that the story of the serpent in the Garden was not the appearance of Satan the great tempter, but an attempt to explain something that the ancients did not and could not understand. Rather than a devil with horns, pitchfork and pointed tail, their perfect world was overturned by an invasion by a race of beings from space that overpowered us with fantastic technology and intelligence.

The one great flaw found in this race was that they did not understand and could not achieve the experience of empathy for one another. In short, they could not experience love.

Either through possession, genetic intervention or inbreeding, this gene helped turn what had been a perfect world into a hellish environment that has continued to this very day. And there was something else that was brought into our world that we did not need. It was called technology.

We will have much more to say about this topic throughout the week.