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Are We On The Brink Of Time Travel?

By James Donahue

Not long ago physicist David Lewis Anderson appeared on the Coast-to-Coast night radio talk show to reveal that he and other world scientists are involved in a secret race to develop and perfect technologies for time control and possible time travel.

Speaking to radio host Art Bell, Anderson warned of “a great risk of how this technology can be used. The issue today is no longer what if and how. The technology is being used. It’s being used in Japan, in India, there are efforts in China. It’s really now a question of how do we manage the influence that governments have on this technology today that becomes a real concern and a challenge for people on this planet.”

Anderson spoke of such technology as a time reactor that uses the energy of the earth’s frame dragging through space/time to slow and accelerate time. He said he has personally exposed people to a time warp field generator which has a profound effect on humans. “They laugh because they cannot believe that what they are seeing in front of their eyes truly can happen,” he said.

“Then there is a feeling of a deep emotion. When people realize that what they perceive is reality isn’t real, based upon their belief system and their own human mind . . . people cannot experience life the same way,” he said.

Is this man for real? From his own web site, Anderson bills himself as president and CEO of Anderson Multinational LLC, the parent corporation of the Anderson Institute and several other companies in Rochester, New York. It says he holds multiple patents relating to time technology and time reactor designs.

During his early years in the U.S. Air Force, Anderson’s biography states that he conducted advanced research and development at the Air force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. He later founded an organization called the TTRC, an advanced time technology research laboratory on Long Island.

His research involved theories for reversing time at sub-light speeds and “laid the foundations for what would later become known as time-warped field theory.” This, he states, is “an approach that modeled and described how to use the natural forces of inertia frame dragging for power generation and to create contained and controlled fields of closed time-like curves.”

All of this sounds very impressive and even scary. But developing machines that have the capability of slowing or speeding up time as we perceive it sounds like far-fetched science fiction. Physicists who have spent years mathematically calculating quantum physics and things like the String Theory, are only now beginning to fit the mysteries of time and gravity into their formulas. They admit that they still do not fully understand how such forces work within the universe that we know. And their theories suggest that ours is one of millions if not billions of parallel universes.

Einstein’s famous theory of relativity explains a space-time continuum that strongly suggests that it is possible to at least slow or speed up the process of time. According to the theory a person traveling at close to the speed of light could move through space and return years later without having aged more than a few days.

That Anderson and government scientists in Japan, India and China may be developing technologies that can either slow and speed time appears difficult to believe. For example, if Anderson was able to create a warp in time that had a profound effect on a few people in one of his experiments, how could the experiment have avoided changing time for everybody in the world at the same moment?

We must admit that Anderson’s claim that what people perceive as reality is only a product of their own minds and based upon personal belief systems is quite correct. But it does not take a time warp to make them aware of this. A few hours under the influence of some of the Earth’s natural psychedelic plants would make everyone understand exactly what he is talking about.

In our personal travels out of the body and through communications with various living entities that exist beyond the veil, we have been aware of one amazing fact. When you are in that realm it is a place where time no longer exists. The beings we speak with appear to see future events with some accuracy although they are unable to tell us when they will happen.

If there is validity to Anderson’s story, his warning that we are at risk as to how governments will choose to use such technology. If a time machine ever comes into existence it would be possible for time travelers to go back into the past and alter events and consequently change the outcome of world events as we know them.

The frightening thought behind such a device is that we might have no way of knowing that such technology exists. Changes in history would be altered in our books and our memories. Thus we would be totally unaware that time tinkering was at work. Imagine rising each day to a world completely changed from the previous day, and not being aware of it.

There was one recent incident that makes us take a second look at this issue.

Police in Switzerland apprehended a strangely dressed man tinkering with the Large Hadron Collider, and had him admitted to a nearby psychiatric facility after he claimed to be a time traveler from the future who came to stop the physicists and their $10 billion dollar machine from destroying the world.

The man, who gave his name as Eloi Cole, claimed responsibility for what was referred to as the “infamous baguette sabotage” one year ago that stalled the startup of the collider until recently. While in the secure mental health facility in Geneva, Cole mysteriously disappeared. Police said they  were baffled by the whole incident.

If Cole was truly a time traveler, catching him tinkering with something like the Hadron Collider in current time, and getting him to admit he came from the future, might be the only way of ever discovering that time traveling is occurring.

And if such mischief is happening, perhaps it would explain some of the gross insanity occurring in the world at this time.