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Susan Donahue

Theta Healing Works But People Are Skeptical

By James Donahue

The new and upcoming practitioners of Theta Healing are offering an exciting new approach to healing the human body that seems too good to be true. Consequently the healers are having a difficult time convincing a skeptical world that what they offer is not a new version of the old-time snake oil salesman.

Who would think that a practitioner could instantly cure back pain, viral or bacterial sickness, cancer, arthritic limbs, lupus, a brain tumor or other ailments by merely being a conjunction between the patient and the Creator could surpass the best of modern medicine?

Yet the practice of healing has been demonstrated elsewhere in the world in marvelous ways. We watched the Navajo heal through strange dance rituals that sometimes continued for an entire week. And in the deep areas of Brazil, Joao de Deus, also known as John of God, has been offering instant healing to the natives for the last 30 years. He claims to channel with 33 different entities and says it is God that does the healing.

Because our daughter, Susan, has trained to be a practitioner in this new field, my wife and I have experienced the benefits of Theta Healing in our own lives, and we know that it really works.

Instead of treating the disease with prescription drugs or radical surgery, the Theta Healer searches for the root cause of the problem. Causes may include such things as hidden belief systems stemming from what we were taught since childhood. Sometimes the practitioner must go back in time to earlier life experiences. Many belief systems are complex in nature and require more than one session to track and eliminate.

Once the root cause is found and removed, the practitioner calls upon the Creator to bring instant healing.

Since putting up her shingle, Susan Donahue has had many visitors to her web site, and a few have sought her healing powers and discovered the amazing results. But she says she senses a reluctance to try Theta Healing.

The most interest in this form of healing has been shown in the Far East, where alternative medical techniques have been practiced successfully for centuries. People in the United States appear to prefer shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for conventional medicine rather than take a chance with something new like Theta Healing.

Consequently Susan is offering a lottery drawing designed to encourage visitors to her site to sign up for a possible free healing session. All names will be placed in a bowl and three winning names will be drawn at random. The drawing begins on Monday, April 5, and will continue for one week. The winners will be contacted on the following week.

Go to the following web site to sign up and to learn more about Theta Healing.