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Did We Really Use HAARP To Hit Haiti?

By James Donahue

The conspiracy theorists are tossing this question all over the web these days and the message has prompted such high-level dignitaries as Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to speak out about it.

We floated the possibility that HAARP may have been somehow linked to the Haitian disaster within days of the quake, noting that the complex array of electronic radio waves created in Alaska have been found to effect weather patterns and that major earthquakes seemed to be occurring at times when looming hurricanes unexpectedly dissipated before striking the U.S. coast.

Since then it has been reported that the US Air Force strangely deleted its records for HAARP activities from January 11, just prior to the January 13 disaster. Personal attempts to open the link to that site revealed that not only were the records deleted, but the entire site was shut down.

This only supported the notion that our government had something to hide. A recent showing of Jessie Ventura’s popular new television show, “Conspiracy Theory” on the TruTV Network, which addressed HAARP as a military weapon, only generated more ammunition to this story.

Congressman Paul quoted the US Secretary of Defense William Cohen in his personal blog site, who stated in 1997 that “others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

This was obviously a reference to HAARP, which is an acronym for the military’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a top secret facility located in a remote area near Gakona, Alaska. The facility was based on a design by the late genius NikolaTesla and may have been the thing he once touted as the “death ray” he promoted as a weapon of war.

Indeed, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez last week was quoted by ABC News as saying he believes the US Navy used a weapon that caused the Haitian earthquake

Paul wrote: “Nobody here knows whether the earthquake in Haiti was a natural disaster or a technological attack. If you assume it was a natural disaster, you are probably not current with what technology is capable of, or you are naively thinking human goodness or the rule of law precludes the actual use of such technology.”

He added several links from various other web sites all suggesting that the Haiti quake may have been caused by HAARP “for the purpose of ushering in a US military occupation, to allow for the plunder of Haiti’s ample resources by corporations whose dirty work is routinely carried out by our military.”

Paul admitted that the concept seems sinister, but he pointed out that it is “not unlike what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Africa and basically all over the world. . . At the very least, you ought to be aware of HAARP, an extremely powerful tool and weapon run by the military with a range of cap0abilities. It is as real as the atomic bomb.”

Our initial thought was that the weapon was being tried as a means of population control stemming from a world movement to reduce carbon emissions and head-off a growing threat of human extinction.  This was a concept discussed at a recent meeting of world leaders gathering at Copenhagen.

All of this sounds like a plot out of an old B-Rated Science Fiction film from the 1950s. It sounds quite absurd to think that the leadership of our own nation would consider committing such an act. But as Paul noted, if we could commit the terrible crimes we did against the people of Iraq, without provocation, what would stop our military from using their "toys" to do something even more sinister, if they thought they could get away with it?

Do we have a real Doctor Strangelove in our midst?