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Susan Donahue

Will Theta Healing Replace Contemporary Medicine?

By James Donahue

Some readers may wonder why we have been promoting our daughter, Susan, as a Theta healer on this web site. We are doing it because Susan has been in training in the techniques of an amazing new and meditative form of healing therapy that appears to cross all of the barriers of human and even animal healing, from physical ailments to behavior modification.

Not only this, but she has personally proven to us that Theta Healing works. Working with us over a telephone line from thousands of miles away, Susan appears to have used this technique to heal my wife of the severe symptoms of immune deficiency disease and has repaired arthritic pain in my joints that have impaired my ability to walk without the help of a cane for more than a year.

Susan says she has successfully experimented with behavior modification on animals, and has been giving various forms of relief to many who have responded to her offers of free therapy sessions to first-time customers. These sessions have led to regular paying customers.

The offer for free trials has ended and Susan is now charging a modest fee for her services. She plans to make Theta healing a full-time career because she not only believes in it, but she has discovered that she appears to be a natural healer.

Theta healing was discovered in 1995 by Vianna Stibal of Idaho Falls, who was suffering from leukemia and facing amputation of a leg because of extreme deterioration of the bone. She was a practicing psychic and massage therapist and did not want to submit to such a radical medical treatment. By putting herself in a certain mental state she discovered an amazing link to a higher state that brought her back to full health. Stibal today is free of cancer and the bone in her leg is completely regenerated.

Stibal put a name on the treatment method, Theta Healing. She experimented with others and began teaching other psychics how to use it. Since then, and with the costs of conventional medicine skyrocketing, Theta Healing has been catching on as a holistic medical alternative all over the world.

The concept is gaining attention in medical circles. 

Richard R. Hanson, a medical sociologist and teacher at California State University has been involved in a research study on Theta Healing. And Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi at Tokyo University in Japan, met with Stibal, became interested in Theta Healing, and wrote that staff members in the hospital he serves expressed an interest in learning Theta Healing. There may be many others.

One description of just what Theta Healing involves is that it “uses the theta brain state to access programming codes and change and replace that code with unconditional love from the Creator of All That Is into what is the highest and best for you, in any form you desire.”

Theta practitioners maintain that while utilizing the Theta brain state, cancers disappear, bones are regenerated, viral and bacterial infections are eliminated, addictions can be overcome, bad habits eliminated and a person’s well-being restored.

Even household pets appear to respond well to Theta healing.

Susan explained that theta waves are the brain’s state just before sleeping and just after waking. It is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world. Theta is thus a state of mind where we can access our intuition, receive inspiration and reach a higher state of consciousness.

“By consciously learning to use a waking Theta brain wave, we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds; in effect reprogramming our subconscious. Thus the mind becomes capable of deep and profound learning, healing and growth. Our minds can connect to the Divine and become co-creators with God of changes in the material world,” she said.

Susan says the prerequisites for successful healing are that the patient sincerely wants to be healed, believes it is possible to be healed and is willing to look at the programs that are causing the illness.

The other interesting requirement to all of this is that the practitioner literally leaves his or her body and, with the patient’s permission, enters that person’s body and observes the infected or damaged area. While there, the practitioner calls upon Divine powers and witnesses the healing process. If the healing is not witnessed, it cannot occur.

This means that the patient also must believe in psychic functioning . . . that the practitioner is able to leave the body, enter the body of the patient to observe the problem, make direct contact with the Creator of All, and thus become a link that brings about the desired change.

At first this form of healing might be hard for some patients to believe and accept. Yet consider the fact that the very power of prayer has been proven to heal cancer and other serious diseases. We have seen church groups pray members of their congregation to good health. And we have seen evidence that faith healers are actively and successfully working throughout the world.

There is growing evidence that we all have the power of either healing ourselves, or bringing on illnesses by the power of our own mind. This power is not prohibited or limited to people of any single religious or spiritual belief system. It seems to work for everybody.

Theta Healing may well be the solution to America’s terrible health care dilemma. It may also be the best solution to the problem of staying well in a greedy world filled with high cost medical care, high cost medicine, a threatened prohibition of natural healing herbs and foods, and an inability to pay the cost of health insurance.

You can learn more by going to Susan’s web site at