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Artificial Life
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Controlling The “God” Within

By James Donahue

There is something deeply comforting about the messages arriving from beyond the veil promising that the occupants of Planet Earth are being transformed into the creatures of love and compassion we were always meant to be.

It is happening in the very nick of time, it seems. The technologies developed since the advent of the nuclear bomb have been leading us all down a dark and deadly spiral destined to clearly destroy us all and take the planet out with us.

The latest discoveries in genetic research that now have opened the door to the creation of a living cell with synthetic DNA obviously have the generals at the Pentagon drooling at the mouth. While inventor Dr. Craig Venter clearly envisions using “artificial life” for doing such humanitarian things as designing bacterial cells for new medicines, fuels and absorbing toxins like crude oil spills and greenhouse gases, we know that the military may already have other ideas.

What is so amazing about Venter’s invention is that he and his team have succeeded in transplanting a synthetic chromosome into a recipient cell and have it come into complete control of the cell. Not only that, but the newly designed cell can replicate itself, thus becoming a new species specified in whatever genetic code is put into it.

Thus man has proven the God within. He has evolved to a point where he is now creating new life forms. He also has proven the hypothesis that an alien race may have come to Earth millions of years ago and done the same thing to create what has become the modern human.

While the concept of creating artificial life offers amazing possibilities for the future, Venter’s work also has the capability of leading humanity down even darker and more dangerous pathways than we have already been. Imagine the Frankenstein effect of a military that creates monsters designed only to kill without compassion. Or the creation of deadly bacteria to create a runaway plague designed to wipe out an entire race of humans.

Some scientists are concerned that even with good intention, we may release organisms into the world that will do more harm than good. Dr. Helen Wallace of Genewatch UK, an organization that monitors genetic technologies, said she perceives potential dangers.

“By releasing (new organisms) into areas of pollution you’re actually releasing a new kind of pollution. We don’t know how these organisms will behave in the environment,” Wallace said.

We have other factors in this equation created by humans with twisted thoughts of greed and religious fanaticism. Consider, for example, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the 1980s that made it possible for created human organisms to be patented. Thus the use of this wonderful new technology will soon be owned and controlled by big business interests and available only to the very wealthy. Monsanto’s control of GMO crop seeds is a striking example of the way patents on such technological advancements can be misused.

The religious effect also may play a role in the way such discovery will be used. Remember that people embroiled in archaic religious systems cannot grasp the concept of the God within. Thus they perceive the creation of life as blasphemy and will press for laws prohibiting it altogether.

The obvious outcome of putting legal restraints on this research will be to force it all underground, or into other nations that have no such laws on the books. Who will know what mischief would then occur behind closed doors?

The promise of a spiritual cleansing and a reprogramming of humans to exist in a new world of truth and love is a message of hope at a time the world really needs it.