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Jim's List Of World Villians
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Arizona Governor Brewer

Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has slashed state Medicade funding for poor families to help balance the state budget. The decision immediately sentenced over 90 heart, liver and other organ transplant patients to death. Earlier in the year Brewer signed into law the controversial "papers please" law requiring drivers to prove U. S. citizenship upon police request.

Demon Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps is the leader of a demonic driven religious cult that calls itself the Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group of mostly Phelps' family members, known for picketing military funerals to protest homosexuals in the military. The group is involved in a lawsuit challenging Phelps First Amendment rights after the group picketed the funeral of Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder who died in combat in Iraq. The case made it all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court.- Oct. 2010

Tom Coburn

Remember the earthquake that left so many Haitians homeless and living in makeshift tents and waiting for over a billion dollars in promised aid from the United States? Well they are still waiting. Their tents are now in mud and water from all of the tropical storms that have swept their country. The money has been held up by this guy, Republican Senator Tom Coburn, all on a technicality. How heartless can our elected and very wealthy and comfortable legislators get? This guy needs to be voted out of his job. Oct. 1, 2010

Senator Jim Demint

Republican South Carolina Senator Jim Demint is using a little-used Senate rule to personally block all further action on pending legislation not cleared by his office. He could potentially stop passage of the 2010-2011 budget bill and shut down the federal government. Is Demint a patsy for a gang of Republicans out to stir even more trouble? - Sept. 30

Glenn Beck

Rush Limbaugh

Hate Messengers - These guys are among the worst of the pack of extreme right wing radio and television talking heads spewing messages of racial and political hatred based on fear. They are snake oil salesmen getting rich on what they are doing and they don't give a damn about their country.

Arizona Senator John Kyl (R)

In spite of economic data indicating that the gap between rich and poor has never been greater in the U.S.A, Arizona Senator John Kyl has taken a stand against removing Bush era tax cuts on those earning over a quarter of a million dollars a year, even if it means the nation goes further into debt. Kyl also stands opposed to extending unemployment insurance benefits for a growing number of people without jobs because he says he opposes increasing the debt. His latest offense has been to single handedly block legislative approval of a critical nuclear arms reduction agreement with Russia-November 2010

Republican Senators

More Republican Senators

Other Republican Senators

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson

Above are faces of many of the cold hearted people who blocked the Jobs Bill and cut off assistance to hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans. The bill also would have prevented a 21 percent cut in payments to doctors that treat Medicare patients and help generate more money in circulation - June 2010

Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Calif)

Waxman Sneaks Anti-Vitamin Amendment In Bank Reform Act-May 2010. Accused of plotting to introduce a bill turning control of Internet and Net Neutrality over to private corporations - September 2010.mocratic Congressman Henry Waxman snuck an

High Grant

Monsanto Corporation CEO Hugh Grant heads a conglomeration that dominates the patented GMO seeds of most of the food crops grown in the world. Monsanto and its team of high priced lawyers has destroyed most conventional seeds, thus forcing growers to buy the GMO product.

David Laster

Halliburton CEO David Lester - Cashing in on war and disaster, delivering deadly product, and pocketing billions. 2001-2010

Rupert Murdock

Rupert Murdock, among the most dangerous men in America. His international News Corporation includes the Fox News network, the Twentieth Century Fox Studio, 35 television stations that reach more than 40 percent of the U.S., 175 newspapers including the New York Post and Wall Street Journal. He is a far-right partisan who uses his media empire to sway American political debate and thinking to the right.

Dick "Fuck You" Cheney

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney under George W. Bush, believed to have been the man who convinced Bush to launch the il-fated Iraq War. Former Secretary of Defense under President George H. W. Bush and oversaw the 1991 Desert Storm assault on Iraq. Former CEO of Halliburton Company and is believed to have been the company's link to costly no-bid contracts for numerous services to U.S. troops in Iraq.

Karl Rove

Political trickster Karl Rove, the man they called "Bush's Brain" after orchestrating campaigns to propel former President George W. Bush to the Texas Governor's office and from there to the U.S. Presidency. Rove is plotting a Republican dirty trick campaign to take back the House and Senate this fall.


With each passing day, it becomes more and more astonishing to encompass the fact that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their henchmen from the prior administration have managed thus far to escape any accounting whatsoever for the massive battery of criminal activity committed during their time in office. More than a year has passed since these men had their hands on the levers of power, and evidence of their myriad crimes and frauds is laying all over the countryside, yet nothing has come of it. Now both Bush and Cheney have begun to brag about what they did.


Republican Senator Jim Bunning recently managed to block a badly needed extension of unemployment benefits to an estimated 5 million Americans still out of work. A new attempt is being tried among Democratic legislators to get this badly needed money approved for some desperate families. Bunning has since charged an unemployed Kentucky man with felony e-mail because of an angry letter sent him on line concerning this action. The man has been indicted and ordered to appear before a grand jury. - May 2010