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Mass Extinction Threat Inspires DNA Freezing Scheme


By James Donahue


Almost as a “last-ditch” effort, a team of British scientists has started a frozen tissue bank to store genetic material from thousands of animals heading for extinction.


The project, supported by the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society of London and Nottingham University, has been called The Frozen Ark. The team hopes to preserve the life codes of the animals even after they are gone.


While they are only saying they are saving the tissues to help future generations understand the creatures of the past, there may be another unspoken motive. Some believe that the technology may someday be available through genetic engineering and/or cloning to bring these animals back to life.


Their work is prompted by a belief that global warming and extreme climate change is threatening the Earth with a plunge in biodiversity that they call the Sixth Mass Extinction.


There is a flaw in the concept of the frozen ark.


While the scientists recognize a serious problem hitting the planet, they still are refusing to believe the severity of what is hitting us. This extinction is not just going to affect “some” animals. It threatens ALL life, including the human race.


Freezing tissues is a bit silly when you think that the earth is eventually going to get so hot no living thing can remain. Eventually the electric power plants that are spewing carbon soot into the atmosphere will be shut down, the freezers will go silent, and those precious tissues will thaw, then rot.


That won’t matter because nobody will be there to perform the magical science needed to clone the creatures back to life anyway.


Not even bugs will endure the searing heat of 400 to 600 degree temperatures, as predicted by some long-range estimates. Our planet will be just as dead then as Jupiter and Mars. The magical garden with its great oceans, its lush forests, lovely flowers, rich fruits and nuts, and variety of life forms filling the land, seas and sky, will be gone forever.


The scientists in the UK are onto something, however.


There has been a program of tissue removal from living animals going on now for some time, and it has had ranchers, police agencies and other authority figures baffled. We have been calling it cattle mutilation.


The remains of cows and other livestock have been found all over the world with parts of their tissue “surgically removed.” Some have blamed aliens, since they can think of no other culprit. Police can’t find evidence in the soil. No tire tracks, no tools, no blood. It is as if something dropped down out of the sky and performed the operations in total silence, and in the night.


That may be exactly what is going on. We notice the livestock because the animals are owned by ranchers and therefore counted and valued. But is it happening to other wild animals on the planet?


Is an alien race . . . perhaps our progenitor Lucifer . . . preparing to move a remnant of our world to another time or another dimension? Is the ark project already in the works for this dying world?


If so, will humans be chosen for the trip? And who among us will be found worthy?

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