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"Controlled Kill" Ahead

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The Die Is Cast For Armageddon


By James Donahue


A new posting by psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue appears to spell a message of planned annihilation of 5.3 billion humans as a last-ditch effort to extend the life of the Mother Earth and give a remnant of the human race a chance to avoid total extinction.


The Aug. 4 message renews Donahue’s year old prediction that President George W. Bush will be re-elected for a second term, and that his win will set the dominos in place for an apocalyptic nuclear conflict with China.


Donahue also writes that he now refuses to offer his psychic and advanced abilities in remote viewing to alter the process because he believes it is the best solution for solving a global overpopulation nightmare.


Donahue said: “President Bush is an energy minded leader who propagates the Armageddon Culture of Christianity. This is ideal in terms of a much-needed controlled kill of 5.3 billion humans.”


A possible alternative to a war would be the release of a doomsday bug. But Donahue said he believes “a biologically engineered virus is impractical; as such an organism would present natural uncertainties such as successful mutations within the field. A controlled kill (via nuclear war) is ideal for an optimum future born of necessity,” he said.


Donahue suggests that China and the United States are aligned for this great war because they are both nuclear powers, both countries are major contributors to global pollution, and both are hindering the concept of a one-world government.


He wrote: “Presently, two major polluting world powers hold back a future Unified European World Council as the principle governing force. The United States represents the first of these powers and the second power involves China. These two ideologically opposed societies of people are a perfect match for the programmed annihilation of billions of people.”


Donahue again warns that China will win this war, but at a great cost. Both nations will suffer massive destruction of property and human life.


Donahue also predicts new terrorist acts within the borders of the United States, although he says terrorism is not “a threat to the national security.” The real threats, he writes, are peak oil production, human overpopulation, industrialization and continuing ecological changes.


“These problems will inevitably lead to a global war between nuclear super-powers concerning limited resources,” he said.


The threat of terrorism, and a possible attack just prior to the November Presidential election, appear to be part of a plan designed to ensure the re-election of Mr. Bush.


“The domino falls where it must,” Donahue writes.

He concludes his disturbing message with the following: “President Bush will be re-elected for the sake of expediency and a future born of necessity. The body and mind remain as his own thus the many shall understand a little.”


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