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One Terrorist Act Has America Cowering


By James Donahue

August 2004


Osama and his gang of terrorists must be chuckling every day as they watch Americans cower over threats that they may strike yet again.


In one swift and unexpected assault, the people that pulled off the 9-11 attacks on the two towering phallic symbols of United States finance, and the five-sided vaginal symbol of our military power, destroyed the heart of a nation.


We haven’t been the same since.


Consider the Democratic Presidential Convention just held in Boston. It would probably be accurate to say that billions of dollars were spent in unnecessary security and lost business that week because of fear that some terrorist might walk in the front door with a bomb strapped on his chest.


That great seaport city was virtually under lockdown for the entire week. People couldn’t travel to work without getting stopped and searched. The trains stopped running. Jet fighters and helicopters patrolled the skies. The usual crowd of picketers and protesters seeking to bring political issues to the forefront got pushed into a barbed wired cage, far from view of the candidates, with an armed guard looked down on them from above.


Many people went on vacation for the week rather than go through the hassle of getting to work. Businesses in the downtown area shut their doors because nobody was coming in their shops.


And now the major cities hosting major financial centers are going through the same kind of excessive police control because of a new "threat" of attacks there.


An excessive number of police officers are deployed all across the nation. They are working not only for established police and sheriff’s departments, but employed by security companies and beefed-up state and federal agencies. Consequently, everybody in America is under a security watch so intense that few can made a false move without the threat of arrest.


Consider the case of a grand jury subpoena of officials of a California teddy bear company that sold a toy used in a prank anti-Bush gift to the Michigan home of a federal magistrate. The receiver of the bear was an Arab American. The bear carried the message “Bush Kills Arabs Dead.” The incident became the subject of an intense FBI investigation. It turned out that the bear was sent by friends and the gift was meant to be a gag.


Then there was the case of a teacher’s aide falsely arrested in handcuffs from her cruise ship cabin after authorities ran a random check of the passenger list and found a warrant claiming the woman failed to pay a fine the previous year while vacationing at Yellowstone National Park. It seems the woman forgot to put away her marshmallows and hot chocolate following a cook out at the park, which was a violation of park rules. She had paid a $50 fine for the violation, but it was not recorded in somebody’s computer, so the woman was seized and humiliated in the midst of her next summer vacation cruise.


A New York City police officer went on trial recently to save his job after the department charged him for refusing to obey a “lawful” order. The officer would not arrest a homeless man found sleeping in a parking garage. It seems that it is illegal in New York to be homeless, especially if you are caught seeking shelter in a privately owned facility like a parking garage.


In Washington, D. C., a government scientist was recently arrested because she was chewing on the remains of a candy bar after entering a subway station where eating is prohibited. The woman was handcuffed and detained for three hours by transit police. She said she was finishing the candy on an escalator as she was descending into the station, and put the wrapper in a trash can before entering. The arresting officer followed her into the subway.


It seems that America has not only given up its liberties, its people have become cold hearted and ruthless in their dealings with one another.


All because of a fear of terrorism. And too many cops on the job with nothing to do.


This whole terrorist thing is getting blown out of proportion. Even if we had suicide bombers hitting stores, buses, trains and public gatherings randomly, which we don’t (yet), the odds of our being at that exact spot and at that exact moment are so thin most Americans should not worry. Those who get blown up won’t know what hit them.


Psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue sees terrorism coming to the United States, even later this year. He believes they are holding back on the attacks for political reasons. They favor the Bush Administration because they like his politics. This president has succeeded in doing what no other world leader has ever done . . . he has united the entire Arab/Moslem world against Israel and America.


If we think things are severe in today’s post 9-11 America, what can we expect when more terrorism occurs?

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