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The Threat Of War With China


By James Donahue


While engrossed in our little war on terrorism in the Middle East, and following the campaign for the next presidential election, the American media seems to be overlooking a looming crisis building in the Far East.


The recent re-election by a narrow margin of Democratic Progressive Party Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian to a new was a move by voters to follow this Christian-oriented leader in an effort to assert Taiwan’s independence from mainland China. The opponent, Lien Chan, for the Nationalists (KMT) favored closer links with the mainland.


Why should we be concerned about this obscure election by an island country on the other side of the world?


Chinese leadership considers Taiwan part of the total Nation of China and threatens to attack if Chen Shui-bian pursues his effort to break links from the mainland. It would be comparable to Texas, Florida or California attempting to succeed from the United States. Such a declaration would surely cause some big trouble.


On the other hand, President George W. Bush has publicly announced that the United States will defend Taiwan if China invades. Since that announcement early in his presidency, the Bush Administration has been busy selling high tech arms, missiles, submarines and other military materials to Taiwan to help that small country defend itself in the event of an attack.


While maintaining an apparent friendly trade relationship with the United States, the Chinese leadership has been quietly building a military force that may have already moved that nation into the rank of a world super power.


Not only does China possess nuclear armaments, it has a missile system capable of delivering those weapons and is building a submarine fleet that may already challenge our own. A recent story in the Washington Post said U. S. defense and intelligence just learned that China has produced a new type of attack submarine that came as a “technical surprise.”


The story said China currently is believed to have a force of 57 deployed submarines, including one Xia-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, five Han submarines, four kilos, seven Songs, 18 Mings and 22 Soviet-designed Romeos. In addition, Beijing has eight more Kilos ordered from Russia, and is in the process of building two additional nuclear-powered subs that will be ready for deployment next year.


A Pentagon report in May said China “is changing its warship forces from a coastal defense force to one employing active offshore defense,” the Post story said. “This change in operations requires newer, more modern warships and submarines capable of operating at greater distances from China’s coast for longer periods.”


The report said that submarine construction is now a top priority for China.


Psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has long been warning of a looming war with China. He warns that such a war will be nuclear in its scope, and will bring horrific death and destruction to both nations.


In a recent warning posted on his blog, Donahue renewed his warning about a looming war with China.


“A very powerful fear-based Armageddon culture of Christianity will be a factor within the national elections of the United States in 2004. The fact that Christ did not return as expected within the year 2000 has dangerously strengthened the irrational resolve of religiosity throughout the world.


“Now that the world faces peak-oil production, fantastic weather changes, human overpopulation and increased industrialization, it must struggle with two nuclear superpower nations of radically opposing ideologies that will undoubtedly fight for what resources remain during the inevitable course of a global ecological collapse,” Donahue wrote.


He noted that strong economic ties currently exist between China and the United States but they will not prevent the events to come.


“Conflicts associated with the Christian culture of Armageddon are often muddied with political consequences that are easily manipulated to hide a basic truth. What will occur according to man’s spiritual ignorance is a matter of justice,” Donahue said.


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