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Was Kenya Bone From A Failed Alien Experiment?


By James Donahue


The recent discovery of part of a 900,000-year-old humanoid skull in Kenya has prompted an odd response by an expert in ancient bones from, of all places, the Smithsonian Institution.


A story by Reuters News Service quoted the Smithsonian’s Richard Potts as suggesting that the strange shaped skull may have been “a short experiment in evolution that never quite made it.”


The adult fragment came from a smaller than usual skull in comparison to the Homo erectus known to have existed in that area at about the same period. This indicates that the individual was small in stature. Bite marks in the bone suggest that the person was killed when attacked by a lion or other carnivore.


The skull is of special interest because it is “the smallest adult fossil found dating back to the time of Homo erectus, the species of pre-human that dominated between 500,000 and 1.7 million years ago,” Potts wrote in the journal Science.


He suggests in the article that this particular creature was among many “short experiments” of species that failed.


In his examination of human origins, psychic and advanced remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue says that humans are a genetic creation of an advanced alien race. We all bear the DNA of Lucifer, the name of the particular alien that physically came to Earth and physically altered a chosen primate into a human.


But the development of that body type also was the work of alien technology that had been going on for millions of years in human time. Donahue believes other alien races also were involved in trying to develop and genetically alter humanoids during this same period.


Would this account for the wide variety of strange, ape-like creatures that walked upright, made tools and lived by gathering food and hunting? There are signs in the fossil remains that the Neanderthals, another unsuccessful primate, even mourned the dead, placing the remains in caves and decorating the tomb with trinkets.


While they had the ability to make tools and use them, these early primates never developed the mental capability enjoyed by humans. They never built monuments and cities, establish government, discover farming, or develop communication skills. Humans have been recording their history through story telling, rock carvings, paintings, inscriptions in clay tablets and more recently on tree bark and paper since the beginning.


The human race was created, Donahue believes, as part of a universal information system. Our job has been to gather information and store it in a collective unconscious network that is shared throughout the universe.


If he is correct, the task we have been given must be a very important one. It took a very long time to create us and bring us to our present level. The sadness of this story is found in the fact that the human took another wrong turn a few thousand years ago, followed an angelic-inspired religious path that halted the final breakdown of the bicameral mind.


We are consequently failures yet again. Like the Neanderthal, we mourn our dead with ceremony. We even build our monuments and record our history. But we never fully evolved into the mental giants we were meant to be.


And now we have overpopulated our planet, destroyed our environment, and are in the process of killing the Earth. There is nothing but a dead-end lying in our future.


After all of this work, it appears that the human experiment has been a total failure. Perhaps some day some alien wanderer will visit our heated, dead and drifting rock in this solar system, find a fragment of one of our skulls in the dust, and wonder just who and what we were.

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