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Cyborg Technology Just Around The Corner


By James Donahue


Some months back I wrote a piece about a vision of a strange red haired woman in a blue dress who visited Aaron C. Donahue in either a dream or an out-of-body vision. Intrigued by the vision, Aaron targeted this person in a remote viewing session and was horrified to discover that she is a cyborg.


The woman contacted Aaron from the future and was bringing a message of warning to mankind. She says her spirit, or memory is trapped in a machine that cannot be turned off. She is thus doomed to remain locked in time until the place where the machine is stored is destroyed, or someone comes along and turns it off.


She wants to die but lacks the capability to do so.


How could such a thing happen?


It has a lot to do with global warming, the overpopulation of our planet, and the unwillingness of the masses to do anything about saving the Mother Earth from dying. Even though we are already experiencing severe climate changes that will soon affect the world food supply, and that the world is on the brink of global conflict over diminishing water, air and other natural resources, people are continuing on as if nothing is wrong.


Donahue’s warning then has not changed. He sees our environment going into self destruct, and humans struggling at the last minute to find a way to save themselves from extinction. Space travel is out of the question. Planet Earth is quite alone in our solar system as far as its capability of supporting human life.


What Aaron sees is a mechanical hell created by science in a last-ditch effort to save a few humans from a dying planet.


In their rush to make an escape, the electronic whiz kids find a way to transfer the human mind from the body into computers that are powered by an unending supply of energy from the spinning planet. To assure survival, the computers are designed to replicate themselves when parts wear out.


Because the humans who chose to enter the machines will not have bodies, they will lack the ability to see, touch, taste or smell. Thus their only form of entertainment will be a package of holographic images of the world as they once knew it.


And that, Aaron says, is about as far as the technology gets before everything crashes. People, choking in the toxic gasses and bearing the overpowering heat of our dying planet, have the choice of staying behind to suffer a terrible death, or drop their bodies and enter these machines.


Those who choose the route of the cyborg discover, too late, that they made a horrible mistake. They will jump from a hell that offers an ending, to a hell that never ends. They find themselves trapped in a mind without a body, and with nothing to do except look at the same batch of holographic images over and over again for eternity.


The woman in the blue dress warns us not to do it.


Yet Aaron believes we are heading in this direction anyway. In fact, researchers at Microsoft say they have already found a way to assimilate the human body as a conduit for computer electronics. The company’s patent has been referred to as a major step toward cybernetics, or the development of a human manipulated and computerized body.


The very word “cyborg,” comes from the Star Trek television and movie series where the heroes encountered a race of electronic machine type beings known as the Borgs.


Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist and mathematician at Cambridge University, once said he believes the human race is making such a mess of this planet that we need to consider spreading into space if we wish to survive.


But Hawking said genetic engineering for new bodies will be needed to make humans capable of surviving the rigors of space travel. His suggestion was to develop cyborgs capable of living in environments too harsh for humans in our present form.


Donahue says the development of silicone-based bodies to replace our present carbon-based bodies may be a better solution. Silicone bodies would make us super humans, capable of living in extreme temperatures and enduring high solar radiation. But will we have time for this kind of technological development?


Without putting the brakes on global warming and overpopulation, and making radical changes in the way we ravage and pollute the planet, Donahue says we will not have the time. Everything is heading for an early crash.

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