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Terrorists Want Bush Re-Elected


President George W. Bush has done such a good job of uniting the Moslem factions in a common hatred and resistance against United States aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan that Al Qaeda probably has no intention of bringing terrorism back on American soil until after the November elections.


This is the conclusion drawn by psychic and remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue in a May 4 message on his web blog.


Donahue, who warned of terrorism attacks in the United States on a recent appearance on Coast to Coast radio, said he still sees them coming to American soil, but the planned attacks appear temporarily stalled.


With perhaps one exception.


"It is possible that something could happen before this election that would ensure the re-election of President Bush," he writes.


Why would an American president who has used misinformation to launch unjust wars in two Moslem countries be the desirable choice for the next presidential term?


"President George W. Bush is a Christian who believes in Armageddon," Donahue said. "He also believes that God is on his side. With President Bush there exists an administration that predominantly supports his irrational Christian perspective."


"The Muslims understand that a religious division amongst their brothers and sisters would ultimately lead to defeat within a spiritual war. President Bush has done more to unite the Muslim people through out the world than could be possible by any other means within the Muslim religion itself," Donahue writes.


"Obviously, most Muslims are abhorred by violence, terrorism and other criminal acts," he said. But because we are waging an unjust and illegal war with Iraq, "many Muslims are becoming more comfortable with the idea of a holy jihad and those who carry out its decree."


Due to the blundering by Bush and the U.S. Military, "those of Al Qaeda have achieved their goal of sympathy amongst a united Muslim world against Israel, the United States and other infidels. It is likely that these same terrorists would very much like to see President Bush blundering for Armageddon within the White House for another term," Donahue said.

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