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Mind Manipulation?

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Brain Computer Implants For Paraplegics?


The Food and Drug Administration has approved a plan by Cyberkinetics Inc. of Foxboro, Mass. to conduct clinical trials for using implanted computer chips under the skulls of paralyzed patients.


The chips will be designed to allow paraplegics and other immobilized individuals to control computerized machines by mere thought.


If it works, the concept will make it possible for the severely handicapped to do much more than just move from place to place in robotic-controlled wheelchairs. In fact, the possibilities are virtually endless.


But I have a thought about this.


With all of the amazing discoveries going on in the field of genetic engineering and stem cell research, I am wondering why so much research is going on in the areas of human computer chips? It seems that if human nerve cells can be developed, the paraplegics might soon walk again, people might even grow back lost limbs, teeth, hair and eyes.


It this happens, will there be a future for brain implanted computer chips?  I suspect the answer to this question is right in front of our noses.


Like all inventions created for the good of mankind, the insidious little brain chip also can be used for evil. If certain people in high places choose, the chip implants might even become mandatory for all citizens.


Instead of helping the handicapped run helpful machines, the chips will allow the machines to control us.


Would that be a bad thing? It depends upon the mindset of the masses.


If humans fail to get themselves under control in the next few years, stop the ballooning population growth, stop the religious angelic-controlled hatred toward one another that leads of gang fights, insurrection and all-out war, maybe a mass mind-control program will offer a solution.


It also might be used to force habitual criminals to clean up their lives and go straight.


Or control alcoholism.


Or drug addiction.


I say this with some degree of disassociation since I, as an individual, would go to great lengths to avoid letting anyone plant such a chip in my skull.


That is because I am a non-conformist who separates from the way of the majority. Just because most people in the United States say they believe Jesus is coming out on a cloud soon to call his followers off to glory doesnt mean that it will really happen. It just means that a majority of the people have been duped into believing the story.


The concern, then, is that such a chip can be used in the heads of people like myself as a way of forcing us to conform. The day you see me on my knees in church, with a blank stare on my face and a stupid grin on my face, my arms raised to accept the angelic energy of Elohim, will be the day you know I have a chip in my brain.


It will mean that I have joined the brain-dead masses.


The only consolation to a scenario like that would be that I might experience a blind happiness I havent known for some time. For me, pure gladness disappeared the day I got my first peak beyond the veil and understood the dark and ugly reality in which I live.


That was when I realized I was a soldier in a dismal land, fighting to make things right; the way they were always intended to be.


There is yet another ominous direction such chips might take us. Are they the first step toward becoming cyborgs? That is, the planting of our memory into computers with the thought of existing forever after the bodies fail?


If you read Aaron C. Donahue's vision of the future, when thousands of these computers are grinding away on an endless cycle, and with no one left to turn them off, we realize that the many who choose this path become trapped in a personal never-ending hell.

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