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Suicidal Christians

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Rushing To Armageddon


The angelic-driven religious leaders are in charge. The world is rushing at breakneck speed toward an apocalyptic nightmare.


It does not have to happen.


As creations of Lucifer, we have the collective mental power to design our world and alter its course. That the Christian religion promises a free ride into the clouds with savior Jesus once the world antichrist/dictator takes power and launches a seven-year cycle of tribulation, has clouded the minds of most church-oriented Americans.


Consider a recent story in the Guardian. It quotes a South Carolina woman as being "delighted" about all of the Bible prophesized signs of the end-times that are in the world.


She says this as she is on her way to the local Christian book store to buy her copy of Glorious Appearing, the twelfth and latest book in a bestselling Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The series is a fictionalized portrayal of the Biblical apocalypse which includes World War III and the rapture of the "saints" into the clouds.


This series of books, with an estimated 40 million copies sold, and the amazing success of Mel Gibson's explicit horror film, The Passion of the Christ, depicting a fictitious crucifixion of Jesus, are reawakening a spiritual revival among Christians all over the world. Like lemmings, they are lining up for the slaughter.


Aaron C. Donahue, through the process of PAN, an advanced process of remote viewing, has discovered that Jesus was never crucified, although he was murdered for political reasons.


In a recent entry on his blog site, Donahue noted that "the cross is not a hanging tree but rather, it is representative of a sacred occult symbol" that was stolen by the Christians. He said another powerful occult symbol is the swastika, stolen by Hitler to symbolize the Nazi regime in the 1930s.


"Hitler used the swastika to influence millions and the Christians use the cross," Donahue wrote. "This is not an insignificant abuse of the occult technology of power. It has a force that affects many outside of their normal awareness."


Donahue concluded by writing: "Christianity defines evil and it threatens the entire existence of man."


One can understand the link between Christianity and evil by taking a rational look at the bloody history of the Christian church. For a micro-study, look at the direction the Christian oriented U.S. government has been leading us since George W. Bush took power.


Bush gained power through a Supreme Court ruling. He was not elected.


There are implications in recent revelations that Mr. Bush and his administration purposefully ignored warnings of a major terrorist attack on the United States prior to 9-11. The circumstances surrounding that attack suggest that there was a military "stand-down" order that morning, allowing the aircraft to fly unrestricted into the World Trade Towers and Pentagon.


The decision by the Bush Administration to attack Iraq without provocation, citing a threat of weapons of mass destruction concealed by dictator Saddam Hussein, was unprecedented in American history. The attack was not sanctioned by the United Nations and from the way the Iraqi people have reacted since their "liberation," they do not approve of the invasion either.


At the time of this writing over 600 American soldiers are killed as are an untold number of Iraqi people. And the slaughter continues. In spite of the rhetoric, these soldiers are not sacrificing their lives in defense of our homeland. No weapons of mass destruction were found.


While Iraq was not a threat to the United States at the time of our assault, it may be now. In fact, the entire Moslem world may be turning against us. Mr. Bush is conducting a contemporary version of the Crusades.


In their collective zeal to bring on Armageddon, a great world war centered in the Middle East, the Christian oriented people in the United States are almost sure to elect Mr. Bush to a second term this year. In fact, Donahue predicts it.


He also predicts that Bush will lead the United States into a world conflict, but it will not happen in the Middle East. This war will be with China and probably started when we attempt to defend Taiwan from China's takeover.


The war will conclude with a nuclear attack on the United States, followed by a landing of Chinese forces, Donahue predicts. Worst news, he says if this happens, the United States will lose this war. Our nation will fall after a brief light of just over 200 years.


And Christians will suffer and die right along with everybody else. There will not be a rapture. Their fictitious god Jesus will not be coming down out of the sky at the last moment to save them.


There is even worse news. The global nuclear exchange that occurs will speed the destruction of the world's dying ecology. It will bring about the speedy extinction of the human race. Instead of going on after death, our souls will be doomed to destruction. And that is a horrible, already irreversible fate.


The stories told by LaHaye and Jenkins are just what they are advertised to be. Fiction.


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