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Triggering Terrorism In Our Back Yard

Even though we presently are located many miles apart, psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue and I shared the same image April 7 when we saw and heard news reports of American troops firing on a Sunni Mosque in Iraqi's embattled City of Falluja, killing "several dozen people."

I envisioned an event like this as a trigger that launches an all-out jihad by Moslim people of all sects against the United States. Not that it already hasnt been declared, but this single event . . . the deliberate bombing of a sacred mosque full of huddling citizens seeking protection from the war . . . could only reinforce the religious hatred of Americans.

Aaron was so struck by the event he chose to write of it on his Internet Blog page. The message awaiting the world the next morning included the following:

"Today within Iraq, a laser-guided 500-pound bomb was dropped into a Sunni Muslim religious structure called a mosque. This was done in order to 'pacify' Muslims opposing the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces. What do you think the result will be? This is an example of the incredible spiritual ignorance and outrageous stupidity of a current faith-based administration in Washington," Donahue wrote.

He continued with a prediction that this event will insure that terrorism will come to U.S. soil "within the next few months."

Donahue writes: "The majority of individual choices are now complete and a highly probably future as seen within the next few months does involve terrorist activity within the United States and elsewhere.

"The exact location, time and method of terror can be determined, although I am no longer working on projects like this. I will no longer post information concerning (terrorist attacks) and it will happen as it may," he said.

Even though the data no longer appears on Aaron's active web site at, anyone with a link to one of his older sites showing information about the next terrorist attack in America will find that this subject has been addressed.


Donahue says he stands by that data.


He wrote: "My terrorist data as posted earlier will happen, and when it does, I will compare the photos of the event to that of my data. Feedback photos and analysis are an important part of viewing future events.


"What I have come to learn is that the majority of Americans will not listen nor will they understand my data until it is too late. I am now comfortable with this knowing that it is also a form of justice."


Donahue's message also includes the following:


"As I have stated earlier, the world will be facing some hard times within the next few months leading to the U.S. national elections and beyond. These elections involve a spiritual choice between the true essence of evil and a lesser evil.

"President Bush as an individual is not evil although his Christian belief system clearly defines evil. We are now seeing the manifestation of this evil within Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, and the United States.


"I do feel that America's proliferation of world chaos is not just the result of an outrageously religious administration. It is also the result of a widespread belief in Armageddon, the failure of Christ's return, mass hysteria, and other aberrant forms of religiosity.


"The majority of Americans today appear mentally ill and are obsessed with a fear based religion of puritanical morality, death, and suffering," Donahue writes.

He said: "A government can be only as good as its people and America has elected and will re-elect a world leader who best represents the status quo. When you look into the blank soulless eyes of President Bush and observe his spiritual ignorance, look at the American people and notice the similarity."



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