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Are Women Any
Longer Necessary?

Something that has been troubling me a lot lately has been the evidence of increasing tension between not only the races of the world, but also between the sexes. I once had a friend whom, in a moment of extreme frustration following a verbal disagreement with his wife, declared that he believed women were a different race and needed to be exported back to where they came from.
It sounded funny at the time he said it.
We all know how much we cherish motherhood, the physical contact with a woman, and the extreme intimacy that a relationship with a good woman can bring. How could we live without them, most men still ask. I know this is true in my own marriage of nearly 40 years to a woman I deeply treasure.
And yet. . .
There is a change going on in the world that seems to be leading to a radical change in the way we humans are going to live in the future.
I think it began with the womens suffrage movement during the early years of United States history, gathered steam when women were called to work and to battle during the second world war, and went into full confrontation with the womens liberation movement in the 1960s and 1970s.
Women are in total revolt. And in so many ways I cannot blame them. The men they try to live with are not kind. The rise in special shelters for battered women and molested children, usually by the father or the step-father of the family, is a sign of a total breakdown of the family as we once knew it.
Women have been declared second class citizens by nearly every major world religion. Eve is blamed by both Jews and Christians for leading Adam into sin. The pain they bear in childbirth is considered punishment for Eves transgression at the start of the human experience.
The revolution launched by women in recent years is generating some troublesome reactions by all parties concerned.
There has been a marked increase in homosexuality among both men and women. People seem to prefer the company of someone of the same sex rather than struggle with the problem of getting along with a companion of the opposite sex.
Women are now in open competition with men, not only in the work place, but even in athletic events. They lift weights and compete in staged muscle shows. They are even appearing in boxing events against men, in military boot camp training for war, and on the football field. You see more and more women driving large trucks on the road. Women even are starting to jump into the competition for the job of President of the United States.
Since the motion picture industry developed in the last 80 years, Hollywood has given us a constant image of the perfect marriage, where two people fall in love, go through great tribulation together, but remain true. Romance novel writers follow the same theme. The woman is usually placed on a pedestal where she is admired, not only for her beauty, but for her ability to love, not only the man she chooses for a mate, but her children and her grandchildren. If there is a villain in the story, it often is the man she chooses as her mate.
Since television, the situation comedies have been giving us a different image of the woman. She is pictured as the stabilizer, the wiser of the two in a marriage relationship who solves the problems created by her bungling male mate. We laugh at Dagwood, I Dream of Jeannie, and Married, With Children, but is this constant story line really that funny? Are these images depicting the male as women really see him?
I suspect it is true. I know that my late mother-in-law was a man hater of the worst kind. She openly told her daughter, my wife, that all men ever wanted from women was sex. Her advice was to trade the sex for something of value. Fortunately, my wife saw the error in that kind of thinking and did not subscribe to her mothers twisted way of looking at the marriage relationship.
If her family was typical, however, then women all over the country are being raised to hate men, to fear the penis, and to use the males lust for her personal comforts. In exchange for setting up housekeeping, the woman expects her mate to provide a home, nice clothes and security for her and her children. In effect, the mothers are training their daughters to be whores.
The sexual molestation stories, although ramped in recent years, seem to point out either a growing social sickness, or yet another form of attack by women against the evil man with a penis. As a father of three daughters, I find the very thought of such an assault against them abhorring. I cant believe any father in his right mind could commit such an act.
I have to believe a lot of innocent men are serving time behind bars and then ostracized in their community as criminal sex offenders, simply because a woman or daughter wanted revenge and used the sexual molestation story as a way of attack. After all, once accused of such an evil deed, how can any man defend himself? Children can easily be convinced that daddy did something bad, even if he didnt. And since the act would have been a very private one, there is no way for him to defend himself.
When you think about it, the war between the sexes has turned vicious. And for the casual observer, it appears that the women are winning. Most men, whom I know from personal experience to be the real romantics in this ongoing drama, are not finding the love they crave in the women they pursue.
What she has gained in aggressive competition has cost the woman a heavy price on the home front. As a writer for newspapers in various cities and towns across the land, I have noticed a troubling trend in the court records. About 20 years back, the list of court-approved divorces for any week was about equal to the list of marriage applications filed. Now the divorce list is usually twice the number of marriage applications, and sometimes even longer.
After the lust, couples are discovering that they cannot love.
And there is something else going on in the world of genetic engineering that ought to make women sit up and take notice.
They arent doing it in the United States, at least openly, because of government, social and religious restrictions. But in Europe and especially in Japan, experimentation with genetic engineering, cloning and other laboratory manipulations of the genetic code of animals has led to test-tube contraception. The eggs of mammals are being fertilized in the laboratory, grown in tanks simulating the womb, and delivered by mail to any farmer willing to pay for them.
Farmers who accept these animals get high quality breeds, developed with all of the bad and harmful genes removed, so the cow, sheep, pig, goat or chicken will be disease resistant, tend to be healthier than the others, and highly productive.
If they can do this with sheep and cows, can they not also do this with humans?
What I am suggesting here is that the woman can be replaced. Men no longer must depend upon a woman to provide them an offspring. They can father healthy children without ever going through the trouble of romancing a woman and providing for her daily needs.
But what about motherhood, you ask.
In spite of all of the stories about men who sexually molest their children, I believe most men can be wonderful fathers, great providers, and they can even substitute for the role of mother when pressed to do so. Many men have found themselves in this situation on the death of a spouse, or when the wife assumes the role of provider, and come through admirably.
Those of us who know how to leave our bodies and travel in sub-space, among the other life forms in our universe, have noticed something peculiar about the other, very populated and very active part of our universe. There seems to be no division of sexes there. Every entity we encounter lacks any particular sexual characteristics at all.
The universe is teeming with life, but that life is male. The concept of woman seems to be unique to this planet alone.
The creation of the sexes seems to have been an experiment gone bad. Now that science has figured out a way to reproduce the species without using the womb, there is no longer a need for the female to exist in any of the species of the Earth.
It is a scientific fact that men carry both the x and y chromosome in their DNA makeup. Women, on the other hand, possess only the x chromosome. They are only female and cannot reproduce without having the male seed planted in them.
Males, however, do not need women to reproduce. It is scientifically possible for them to father children without the help of a woman.
It is my belief that once the Earth goes through the looming apocalypse, if there are any surviving humans, our way of life will be dynamically altered. And if she does not learn to behave herself and give her man the love he craves, the woman is in danger of becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs.

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