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Unbridled Pregnancies
Threaten World Destruction

The former Spice Girl rocker Geri Halliwell took harsh criticism once from Roman Catholic Church leaders for remarks she made about safe sex and birth control while touring Manila, Philippines, as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.
Speaking to a group of patients in a health clinic, Halliwell said: If you cant control your fertility, you cant control your life. And if youre having sex, youve got to be protected against unwanted pregnancy and infection. Its everybodys fundamental right.
Asked if she would encourage the use of condoms, Holliwell answered: absolutely.
Church officials were quick to respond to Holliwells remarks.
 We do not need population control, said the Rev. James Reuter, director of the Catholic mass-media office in the Philippines. Any effort at safe sex is totally, utterly immoral from top to bottom.
If there is something totally and utterly immoral about this incident, it is the stance taken by the Rev. Reuter and the Roman Catholic Church.
In case anyone hasnt noticed, the churchs strong position against birth control, which, in a sense encourages its members to continue overpopulating a world that already is bursting at the seams, is now threatening the future of humanity.
Halliwell chose the perfect place to bring this problem to light; in the heart of an Asian country with one of the highest population growth rates in the world, presently calculated at 2.32 percent.
People in the Philippines, African nations, Mexico, and many other third world countries are literally propagating themselves to death.
Thanks to a deadly directive by the church, they have generated large populations that can no longer provide for themselves. These people live in extreme poverty. They cant produce enough food. And they are living in such deplorable conditions the world relief agencies are unable to keep up. And because they are not using condoms, the AIDS epidemic is out of control. Other venereal diseases are also spreading at alarming rates.
With a world population swelling past a record six billion people, we have reached a point where there is no longer enough natural resources, land, air, or even good drinking water available to provide for everybody.
The growing threat of war is a direct result of overpopulation. North Korea, which is bursting at the seams and where people are starving, is on the verge of attacking South Korea. The issue is not political ideological differences, as we are told. It really stems from a need for more land, more space and more food.
The dangerous confrontations between India and Pakistan, which reportedly is a conflict over who owns the small country of Kashmir, nestled at the border between these two countries, also is linked to overpopulation. It also involves a hatred between two religious groups, Moslem and Hindu, who believe they alone worship the one true god.
The civil war in the Balkan states, where we foolishly expended most of our military resources and nearly got ourselves in a deadly war with Russia, involved a struggle between Moslem and Christian people, all trying to squeeze together on an overpopulated piece of European real estate.
China, another country that is overpopulated and hungry, also is gearing up its war machine. Our own government leadership is foolishly conducting a war on terrorism in the Middle East which threatens to get us involved in a global war with both China and Russia.
These are the acts of an overpopulated people preparing to commit suicide.
The population problem is so severe, we humans are destroying the Earths delicate ecological system in our press for more and more land on which to build homes and expand our cities. We are covering prime farmland with concrete. Our factories, which manufacture the things the masses not only need, yet are prompted by commercialism to desire, are polluting the air, ground and water to a point where we are in danger of destroying our planet.
Yet in spite of this, the Roman Catholic Church refuses to change its proclamation that any form of birth control a mortal sin. The church proclaims sex a sinful act if it is done for any other reason than for propagation. Thus it is that millions of Catholics, who enjoy sex as much as the rest of us, are still producing large families at a time when the world desperately needs zero population growth.
The Bible does not support this directive from the Vatican so it must come from the heart of the Pope, who is personally celibate.
There are no Bible verses proclaiming sex between men and women a sinful act, unless it can be misinterpreted from the Old Testament Books of the Law, which prohibits sex between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and man and beast. The church apparently leans heavily on Gods directive to Noah, in Genesis 9:7, in which he orders Noah and his sons to be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.
I have my doubts about that story. First of all, we have not found conclusive evidence that there ever was a worldwide flood. Secondly, I dont think God is a grandfather in the sky who comes down and talks to us from time to time. And lastly, I dont understand how so small a number of survivors could accomplish this without creating serious genetic problems through in-breeding. But even if it did happen just that way, we should remember the circumstances linked to the story of Noah.
Noah and his family were supposed to be the only human survivors following a worldwide calamity that killed off everybody else. The directive, then, was for this little remnant of humanity to get busy, have children, and do everything possible to make sure the species continued on. They obviously succeeded. By keeping this command alive today, however, the church is carrying things way too far.
It is my personal feeling that this world is in such extreme danger from overpopulation that we need another major world catastrophe, like a flood, to save us from total extinction. Since God exists in all of us and collectively, we are God, then I think we are working on this problem.
Thanks largely to the zeal of the Roman Catholic Church, the human race is soon going into a self-destruct mode. The human race is dead. Long live the human race!


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