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One World Government To Stop The Apocalypse


The angelic inspired Bible warns against a one-world government. Christians believe a united world government will set up a powerful world dictator who will become what they call the "antichrist," thus setting off seven years of tribulation.


It is not surprising that the Christian Church has strongly opposed the concept of a "new world order" as promoted by former President George Bush the senior and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s.


The two world leaders were calling for a unification of world governments to establish "the cornerstone of an international order" for peace.


Now Aaron C. Donahue has joined the call for a world government. He said he believes a unification of the world nations into a united government would accomplish two very important goals: 1.) head off a threat of World War III, and 2.) establish controls on world activities designed to stop or at least slow mankind's rush toward extinction.


On his web blog Donahue recently wrote:


"Major global ecological problems will influence the unification of European Governments in order to peacefully compete for resources."


But he said the major powers like the United States, China and the Russian Federation "will continue to drift apart and as resources fail, tensions will mount preempting war. Now that we are in the midst of total ecological collapse, a nuclear war is likely."


Donahue said he believes "a United Europe permanently joined with the United States is the correct path for peace. We must now look to the idea of a central government located within Europe. Eventually, other countries will join according to the allocation and management of resources."


Do not expect everybody to run out into the streets, cheering and clapping and yelling that Aaron Donahue, Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush the senior have the solution to world peace. The concept has been targeted by the angelic inspired Christian Church since its beginnings because it threatens the angelic agenda, which is to bring on Armageddon in the form of a nuclear holocaust, wreck Planet Earth and drive humanity into quick extinction.


And true, the concept of a one-world government operating under an authority strict enough to salvage what is left of the environment and buy us time is going to be costly. It will force a block on the burning of fossil fuels, institute a program of tearing up concrete jungles so billions of new, genetically engineered and fast-growing trees can be planted, and bring radical changes to the way we live.


Donahue, a powerful psychic and advanced remote viewer, has put a lot of thought into how such a government would have to function to be effective. He describes life under such a government:


"The days of complete individual freedom are over. We can no longer afford to allow the freedom to propagate, waste resources, and circumvent our childrens future for profit. Capitalism will naturally be replaced with necessity according to the greatest good for all.  Democracy will no longer be encouraged," he writes.

And there is more:


"Security is maintained via identification and those privileged to live and work within United Europe will be tagged via a technology implanted under the skin. This is a very good thing for society and it will happen. Those who refuse this system of identification will starve."


Indeed, this echos the Biblical prophetic "mark of the beast." Now we can understand its purpose and the logic behind it. We need such control just for our survival. But we can expect the Christian cult indoctrinated people to reject the chip implant, and consequently be rejected from the social order. Ironically, they will be consequently living their own prophetic tribulation horrors. 

Aaron continues: "The lesser masses will be allowed a limited voice and their control at first will become the subject of symbolism, rhetoric, and psychological control. This will be required to maintain social order given the extreme limitation of resources, widespread panic, disease epidemics, and despair.

"Government sponsored euthanasia will be encouraged for those deemed burdensome or suffering. Sterilization programs will be mandatory. Those who disobey will serve civic and other public duties. Those who pose the greatest threat to society will be reprogrammed."


Donahue believes a perfect punishment for these people would be to work on a prison chain gang, planting and farming genetically engineered Coniferous trees and a liquid food for the people. He sees this food as something related to Chlorella. It wont taste very good, but it provides all of the nutrients our bodies require, it grows fast, and will keep people alive after the land fails to produce the crops we presently enjoy.


Donahue said public controls also will be well developed. He writes:

"Eventually, crowd control technologies will be significantly advanced and utilized. Government media will also utilize frequencies and subliminal programming to enhance the effectiveness of the aforementioned mind control technologies."


Above all, the world religious cults that are causing so much world chaos will have to be gotten under strict control.

"The freedom of religion will be limited according to science and fact rather than conjecture," Donahue writes. "I am looking forward to this aspect of our future that will fulfill a basic human need concerning altered states of consciousness. This is essential to contentment and it facilitates the psychological and intellectual evolution of man."


If you think this is a pipedream, and the world as Aaron sees it is too harsh and improbable, consider what he writes in conclusion to this little thesis:


"Sadly, our planet is dying and we must now choose an optimum future for our children based upon survival. The human blindly and wantonly destroyed its environment and now it faces early extinction. We must do what we can to preserve the best chance for our children's survival in a desperate hope that a solution can be found in time.

"Look around you now at the political folly and doddering fools who promise a better future for the world based upon a time of which the earth was healthy. Those days are gone and they will never return.

"Our future is in Europe as a World United Government that protects the ideals of an optimum future for our children on a dying planet. The advent of contact with the human progenitor will best be implemented under the protection of this United European World Government void of religious fanaticism, fear, and irrational ideals."


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