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Endless Conflict

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Facing A War
That Cannot Be Won

The more I look at this new "war against terrorism" the more troubled I get.

Except for the open hostilities going on in Afghanistan, this conflict looks a lot like America's drug war, launched by the late President Richard M. Nixon. After an estimated 20 years the drug war still rages, and we are no closer to winning it today than when it started. Wars against invisible enemies that look like normal people living and working beside us are impossible to win. Battling committed people with political, social or religious ideals, whether it is the right to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their home, or a secret hatred for our capitalistic system of doing business, can wear down the most gallant soldier.

That is because this kind of warfare is covert in its nature. There is no line of battle, with soldiers from two forces standing in mortal combat. You can't bomb this kind of enemy because even though you might identify one or two so-called soldiers, you can't kill him without taking out a school filled with innocent children, or a street filled with innocent pedestrians.

This is the kind of war where the enemy can emerge like a cockroach from the woodwork and do a lot of damage, killing a lot of people. When the commitment is so powerful it turns the enemy into willing suicide bombers, the deck appears stacked against us.

Oh I know the Bush Administration has identified Osama bin Laden as the mastermind behind the World Trade Center and Pentagon bomb attacks. The remote viewing team has confirmed that the plot for the bombing originated in Afghanistan, so this is probably a correct assumption.

But just what are we going to do about this wealthy recluse who lives in the hills in one of the most difficult places in the world to ever want to have a war? We have sent our Naval ships, aircraft, troops and ground weapons into this remote region in a show of great military strength. Yet our most sophisticated weaponry will not flush out gorilla fighters who have entrenched themselves into the rugged terrain in such a way they cannot be separated from the natives.

Afghanistan is not only a place filled with arid rocks, narrow cuts, caves and other things considered a soldier's nightmare, it is a nation that has been steeped in warfare for so many years, the Taliban will be skilled in defending their homeland. Going in there with ground troops, during the onset of winter, to flush out Osama bin Laden and his forces may prove to be an exercise in futility. We can expect a lot of our young men and women to come home in body bags.

And even if we do succeed in capturing or killing this man, what will that gain us? Bin Laden is considered a national hero by many of the Islamic faith. What we risk by attacking Afghanistan is uniting the entire Islamic world in a holy war against us. Are we playing right into Bin Laden's hands by sparking World War III?

Consider the best case scenario and say the Afghanistan forces in the Northern Alliance, who have been fighting the Taliban, help us slip in and nab Bin Laden in one brilliant military action. Indeed, such a move would make President Bush look like an international hero and give the American people a feeling that they have somehow avenged the deaths of those 6000 plus office workers, fire fighters and police who perished in the Sept. 11 raid.

But it will not be the end of the war.

The fact that someone like Osama bin Laden exists and has followers means that there are a lot of people in this world who think just like him. They are people who, for either religious or political reasons, hate the United States with such fervor they are willing to strap bombs around themselves just to kill as many Americans as possible. Hatred like that will not go away with the capture of Osama bin Laden. All we will accomplish is martyrdom, which in itself could create even more reasons for that invisible enemy to want to attack, maim and kill Americans.

If Bin Laden falls, I predict there will be a dozen more leaders just like him who will rise up in his place.

Terrorism, like drugs, has always been with us. It is just more visible now because we are living in an overpopulated and polluted world, and on a dying planet. There is an unseen conflict going on now as people run out of the essentials for living, like food, water and shelter. People living on the open ground, with no food, clothing and shelter, can easily be persuaded to hate neighbors who appear to be living in overabundance.

And this is how Americans appear to many of the poor and destitute people of the world.

Israel has been living with terrorism for a long time. But notice that the Israelis have not been successful in getting rid of terrorism either. Instead, they are learning to live with it.

This is what I believe will happen to us. We will not stop terrorism. Our attempts to declare open warfare against it will only make our situation worse. In the end, we will be forced to accept the fact that terrorism is here to stay and that we also have to learn to live with it.

Our best defense against terrorist attacks is technical remote viewing, but to date, the military and our police failed to recognize this. They ignored attempts by Maj. Edward Dames and his team to (a.) direct workers to people still trapped alive in the rubble of the World Trade Center, and (b.) take seriously their warning of a new terrorist attack planned at a California nuclear power plant.

Fortunately, the public warnings by Major Dames, with information supplied by Aaron C. Donahue, on his website
, and over the Art Bell radio talk show, appear to have thwarted this particular terrorism attack. But there is no guarantee that the would-be terrorists won't strike somewhere else, perhaps even before this column appears in print.

Because the event did not happen, many people believe the remote viewers were giving false information. This is deadly thinking.
Donahue has been ready and waiting to be called into service. He has the ability to predict every move the terrorists are planning in this country, before they strike. Unfortunately, the only people listening appear to be the terrorists. Our police agencies seem to feel threatened by a team of highly trained people who can solve crimes, find terrorists, and rescue kidnapped children within minutes after they are called upon to do so.

Many people may have noticed that the night Dames
appeared on the Art Bell show to tell about the planned attack on the California power plant, his web site, which gave all of the information authorities needed to divert the attack, suddenly was hacked. The site crashed and remained down for the next week.

Somebody was listening, but it was not our government.

Until Aaron and other solid viewers like him are taken seriously, Americans can expect to live through hell. I fear that a lot more innocent people may be in great peril. It doesn't have to be this way. Political and financial empires must now be set aside for the good of the nation.

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