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Debate Over Euthanasia For The Elderly


Aaron C. Donahue launched a lively debate on this web site's bulletin board after posting a few remarks on his own site suggesting euthanasia for people taking up valuable space in nursing homes and using their remains as fertilizer for newly planted forests.


Shocking remarks, perhaps, in this age of political correctness, but as one visitor to my board, Ronan, suggested: "While seemingly 'off the main stream radar,' Aaron C. Donahue has once again illustrated a pivotal contaminant within our system."


Ronan noted: "These elderly citizens, though at one point active participants of society are being kept alive through artificial means, living out their final days in drug induced stupors. Their baby-boomer children believing anything is better than death yearly pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to in effect board their family's matriarch and patriarch like animals.


"What is the ecological cost?" Ronan asked. "The drugs they consume do not simply disappear but are excreted into otherwise viable drinking water in everyone's homes. The waste treatment plants have no methods for removing antibiotics, Alzheimer's medication and who knows what other prescription medication these quasi-lucid citizens are taking."


Aarons proposal, obviously designed to shock, was not made in jest as some contributors have suggested. He has little regard for useless non-contributing sacks of old empty-headed blubber utilizing what little is left of our natural resources in this overpopulated and dying world.


While my wife and I are aging, we continue working hard to keep our minds alert and our bodies active so that we might still contribute and be a productive part of the new Luciferian society that we see on the horizon. We have no desire to be a burden. When, and if, the poisons now being poured into our foods and household products cause us to fail, we support the concept of euthanasia. If our bodies in death can do one small thing to prolong the health of the Mother Earth as fertilizer for trees, then our deaths will not be for naught, nor those empty vessels wasted. Never will they be sealed in concrete vaults.


We personally mourn the loss to our society of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the man who attempted to teach the concept of euthanasia as a humane way out for people suffering from slow and painful death by incurable disease. Instead of supporting Kevorkian, the angelic-driven Christian inspired courts arrested and convicted this man for murder then threw him in prison. The doctor remains there even today, suffering from the very slow and painful agony of death that he sought to eradicate for all of mankind.


Aaron wrote: "The elderly now make up a very large segment of the world's population and are largely vacant of any contribution to further the survival of younger generations. As natural resources continue to dwindle due to human over-population, industrialization, and pollution, there are the inevitable consequences that we now face."


His proposal: "That we encourage the humane euthanasia of the elderly and process their corpses into fertilizer for trees. One tree could be symbolically planted above each remains as a memoriam and reconciliation for the wanton destruction of the beautiful garden earth by previous generations.


"The elimination of the elderly could save much needed resources and preserve the time we need to seek an answer to our dying planet," Donahue concluded.


The web site debate was launched by a regular visitor identified as Thomas Blackstar, who said he hoped that Aaron was "up to literary mischief" in writing such remarks. But then Blackstar wrote:


"I have mixed views on this and . . . must examine Aaron's Donahue's perspective outside established human civility paradigms based on centuries of structuring simian humanite family units. If euthanizing dangerous or problematic elderly people were legal, my votes would lean for tree fodder from the carcasses of oppressor monstors. Yet I will give the elderly other remarkable credits they keep winning by default.

"In this early 21st Century, another honorable mention for many elderly has been as economic and sanctuary safety nets for the tragic and destructive Generation X and the AIDS generation worldwide. With many employment prospects also collapsing from globalization and 'outsourcing' of jobs overseas, multi-generational families are coming back in force for sheer survival in ancient tribal clan fashion," Blackstar wrote.


Finally, he suggested: "In many professions and sciences, numerous elderly specialists are repositories of knowledge the younger still must access. In contemplation, one wonders if paraviewer Aaron Donahue would consider the most violent and destructive of people under age 30 or those constantly physically ill or degenerative to the gene pool, if these are the ones for closer qualifications for human agricultural fodder.

"There are segments of elderly people that create problems and multitudes of others that anchor the lives of younger relatives in ways too numerous for me to mention. I personally say let's see what all elderly people bring to these end times in survival strategies before we mass exterminate them based on over Age 65 alone," Blackstar said.


I doubt if Aaron has any argument with Blackstar over this matter. His point, however, is that the older generation has been guilty of putting us all in the mess we are in. In our quest for profit and shopping malls and fancy cars, we all forgot to tend the garden. We went about our ways, grossly overpopulating our planet and not thinking about providing our children and grandchildren with clean air, water and soil for the future.


We have blindly killed our planet. We are all guilty. Especially the elderly, who now fill the nursing homes of the world, sucking up a large share of remaining natural resources that they are no longer entitled to. No matter what their contributions were during their productive days, few of these old people can be given credit for ever trying to tend the garden. Thus we all stand condemned.


If euthanasia would give mankind a fighting chance, by providing enough time to calculate a way to save a remnant of the human race, then my wife and I strongly support it. Even if it means that we are taken out with the rest.


By the way, one writer named Michael noted that the word euthanasia is from a Greek word that means "easy death." He said it means to us: "painless killing to relieve suffering: the act or practice of killing somebody who has an incurable illness or injury, or allowing or assisting that person to die."


That was what Dr. Kevorkian was all about.

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