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Making Bigger Bombs

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Why Build Anything Bigger?

Military Insanity; The Curse On Humanity


In our conversations with the entity identified as the Abba Father, believed to be the one the angels call Lucifer, we were told that if there is any one thing that has doomed mankind to judgment and destruction, it is our unwillingness to love.


We are unique in that we are genetically designed to be capable of experiencing and practicing love. It is that spark, from the soul of the Earth, that makes us superior to all other creatures. But we also are given the freedom of choice. Instead of love, we choose instead to follow the dark route of angelic design and adopt fear. It is fear that generates hate. Hate brings war.


The U. S. Military, perhaps the greatest force in terms of sophisticated bombs and weaponry that ever existed, has become so politically powerful and so costly, it is eating up the nations budget at the rate of billions of dollars per day. Even though it possesses a stockpile of more atomic and hydrogen bombs that necessary to physically destroy the entire world, it seeks even more powerful and sophisticated weaponry. Its appetite for power appears to be unlimited.


On November 21, 2003, the Air Force test dropped what it called the largest and most powerful conventional bomb every manufactured over a test range at Eglin Air Force Base in northwestern Florida. This 21,800 pound monster called GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) was guided to earth by parachute and detonated just as the tip of the 30-foot long device touched the ground. Watchers said it looked very much like a nuclear blast, with a mushroom cloud filled with flames rising over 10,000 feet in the air.


The military also has begun development of an ultra-high speed weapons system that will strike targets virtually anywhere on Earth from the continental United States. Ten companies have been given grants by the Pentagons Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for the planning and development of a new high speed rocket that can carry heavy bombs to targets anywhere at the push of a button.


And then there is the Pentagons latest pursuit of a new kind of non-nuclear super-weapon called the hafnium bomb that proposes to unleash energy from a hafnium isotope. While many scientists say the concept is a pipedream, the military is spending a lot of money on this project in the hope of developing a weapon that will revolutionize all aspects of contemporary warfare.


The military also plans to intensify the power of HAARP, the mysterious Tesla death ray device, that already shown to have the capability of stopping hurricanes, altering weather patterns, causing powerful earthquakes and some say manipulating thoughts of large numbers of people. Plans to triple or quadruple the power of HAARP can only mean that it is going to be used as a weapon. We have yet to see what this device will be fully capable of doing to humanity, as well as our planet.


The question; why would we want to do this? Instead of moving toward world peace, the United States is actively pressing the world into a final confrontation that assures the ultimate destruction of all life on the planet.


The Abba Father warns that the human race will destroy itself. Thus judgment will not come from the heavens this time around. It will probably be nuclear fallout that will encompass the planet, killing all living creatures.


This time if a remnant escapes, it will not have the advantages that Noah and the people of his time had. The planet will not be returned to us as the garden it was created to be. The future escape must be to the stars. And this seems quite improbable. From what our space probes have determined so far, we have no stars within our solar system capable of receiving us.


If this insanity isnt curbed, Aaron's warning of human extinction appears to be a real threat.

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