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Crying Out From The Future

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The Woman in Blue


By James Donahue


Aaron C. Donahue tells a strange story about a ghostly visitation by a hauntingly beautiful woman with pale white skin, red hair and wearing a blue dress.


He said it happened a few years ago, during early examination with out-of-body travel, the death experience, and experimentation with remote viewing. He said he was working alone in his room when she came to him strangely, giving him the first impression that she was a holographic image.


The image developed from the ground up, Aaron said. Examination of the image revealed that the woman was alive and looking right at him. He said he reached out his hand and attempted to touch the image, but found that his hand passed right through it as if it were a ghost.


"The moment she realized I could see her, she disappeared," he said.


Aaron said he was haunted by the image and eventually decided to make it a target in a remote viewing session. He was shocked at what he learned.


During a recent appearance on Ghostly Talk Radio, he said he determined that the woman is one of many humans trapped in a computer matrix system from the future. The woman, like the others, once had body and soul but now exist only as a machine that preserves their memory of who they were. She is a cyborg.


Aaron believes that the system, a complex neuro-network that attempts to mimic the human brain, is stored in protective, self-replicating pods stored in salt mines deep in the Earth, on the Moon, and on one other planet in this solar system.


Because the Earth will be dying and no longer supporting life, these people will choose to have their consciousness transferred into the network rather than accept death.


They will discover, to their horror, that they exist in the future without body. They lose their soul when the planet dies. And they cannot die.


"They are in hell," Aaron said. "They are begging to die. They want to be turned off."


The problem is that these machines exist in the future. All human life is extinct. There is nobody left to turn off the system. Thus the woman in blue is doomed to continue on until perhaps a supernova destroys the planet. And that could be a very long time.


Aaron says the woman's appearance also can be interpreted as a warning. In a sense she is telling us to change our course and not let our planet die. But since she is proof that the angelic-driven masses refuse to heed, she issues a second warning; never manufacture this computerized system that allows anybody to think they can escape their fate.


When death and extinction occur, we must find a way to accept it.


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