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Dealing With Human Extinction
There is a knowledge wedged deep in the collective matrix that humans are racing toward extinction.
The signs are everywhere:
Women are obsessed with children and pregnancy. Everywhere you look pregnant women are to be seen. The fashion magazines and social programming on our televisions glorify the maternity scene. As with all primates, when an animal species is threatened with extinction, the desire to populate is strong. We are blindly impregnating our women even though the core of the human failure is that we have already overpopulated our planet. Because of greed and exploitation of our resources, we fail to provide for those already here.
Even after 6 billion people, humans are not attempting to stop the overpopulation of a dying world.
Nothing is being done to stop the mass destruction of this planet by industrial, agricultural and social pollution. The air is getting too polluted to breathe and the pollution is creeping into all corners of the Earth. Good pure water is almost impossible to find. Because of climate changes caused by global warming, food will soon be in short supply. We are already engaged in wars where the battling is over availability of our natural resources.
People are doing unnatural things and are unable to explain why. Consider the women who kill their children, the fathers that kill their families, the people who drive their cars into a crowd. Then there are the ones that walk into schools, restaurants or office buildings and gun down everybody in sight.
Aaron C. Donahue explained this phenomenon best when he wrote:
"There can be no psychological nor sociological preparation for human extinction. Our brains have evolved to recognize patterns or cycles of patterns thus we have social institutions preparing us for death. The human brain is designed to recognize and seek permanence. Human extinction is incomprehensible as it represents the absolute.
"The human also fears most that which it can not know! Human death is not the same as human extinction.
"All of the horrifying signs are here now. Human aberrant antisocial behaviors, increased psychotic and sociopathic behaviors, world-wide industrial pollution, dwindling natural resources that directly effect most of our basic needs (Maslow), world-wide ecological collapse within our oceans, lands, and forests, human overpopulation, and many other irreconcilable problems are now well documented."
According to Donahue, humans don't have any way of understanding the concept of their own extinction. Every man, woman and child thinks of him or herself in terms of living on through the children, or perhaps returning in spirit in another body after this life cycle ends.
There is nothing in our mindset that allows for either a memory or even an understanding of complete extinction. Unlike personal death, extinction means a total conclusion. There is nothing that continues after we pass. Because the loss of the human race would mean the loss of all collective consciousness, there would be no memory of us. Even that spark that we call the soul will break into pieces and shrivel away.
I think this may be why some people are behaving so strangely. They are searching the subconscious matrix for an understanding of the darkness that looms, and they have no way of interpreting this information.
It is totally inconceivable that we might actually go extinct. Because we are dealing with an absolute, the human mind is incapable of dealing with it.
Donahue said: "We are now a dying race of beings on a dying planet. We must now face the truth of our existence and trash our delusions or we will become nothing as star dust forever lost in dust."

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