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Dismantling A Great Nation

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Did Osama Destroy America on 9-11?
This journalist/historian can't recall a time when reality is more unreal than it has been since the attacks of 9-11.
Even before the attack, I watched our republic turn into a democracy. Now the democratic system is warping into something that I wonder if we even have a name for. We are a nation ruled by a shadow behind a man we didn't elect. Both men are but figureheads for the real manipulators . . . high stakes characters representing big business/organized crime interests.
While the figurehead leadership professes Jesus, the real bosses worship another god, money. They have sold the integrity of the nation for money . . . leading us into constant international conflict . . . destroying an international quest to control global warming . . . sending factories overseas where next-to-slave labor is readily available to make cheaper products for bigger profits.
Whether by foolishness, greed or design, the great nation that was the United States is being dismantled before our eyes.
Under the guise of "protection" following the fiery terrorist assaults, the Bush Administration quickly imposed the Patriot Act that overpowers the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional freedoms.
Under the guise of "tax relief," to combat the economic crunch that followed, the Bush Administration has granted two major tax cuts to wealthy and big business interests, and sent a few dollars trickling down to appease moderate and low income families.
Under the guise of "fairness" the Bush Administration wrote off the carefully crafted Kyoto Agreement that called for a reduction in greenhouse gasses because it would be too costly for big business interests. Mr. Bush has been the worse environmental president we probably have ever had in the White House. His policies have thrown the world into great danger. They threaten all life on this planet with extinction.
While slashing taxes, the administration is pouring trillions of dollars the United States does not have into high-tech warfare, sending troops into quagmires of never-ending combat against deeply entrenched guerilla combatants who successfully fight our sophisticated machines with knives, assault rifles and time.
While big business is doing business all over the world, our foreign policies are threatening, imposing and angering the international community to the point where Americans no longer feel save to travel overseas and terrorism is a growing threat at home. Notice that the 9-11 attack by a supposedly obscure Moslem organization called el-Quaeda struck at the heart of the United States financial and military might.
While Americans seem to be quite blind, the rebels in the hills of Afghanistan know and clearly understand their enemy.
Indeed, the brilliance of rebel leader Osama bin Laden cannot be discounted. In one single low-budget assault, this obscure band of foreign patriots sent the U.S. financial world reeling and started a political reaction by a not-too-bright president and his appointed administration that now threatens to topple the nation.
Just look at the financial chaos Bush has generated. The Congressional Budget Office recently estimated the cost of our adventures in Iraq at $4 billion per month. This figure is in addition to the initial outlay of about $13 billion for the deployment of troops. We also have forces still bound in conflict in Afghanistan. This is scary when you remember that we still have forces at the 39th Parallel separating North and South Korea, stemming from a conflict that happened there a half century ago.
While our government is pouring all of this non-existent money into military conquests, people at home are struggling. Unemployment is at record highs. In some areas the number of people out of work and homeless exceeds the levels during the Great Depression. Factories and businesses continue closing, or going through "downsizing" to handle growing deficits.
Ask any small commercial business person today and he/she will tell you that times have never been so bad. Few people are buying more than essentials like food and clothing and they are flocking to discount stores to get this. Yet, because the federal reserve has dropped interest rates almost to the basement, lending institutions are active and the prices of housing, cars and commercial goods remain optimistically high. The stock market is strangely positive. These economic indicators are being propped by the reserve to make people think that everything is just fine.
I am not an economist, but all of this looks dangerous to me. I suspect another economic bubble swelling. Can this all be part of a plan to manipulate the masses and get "good-old-boy" George W. Bush re-elected to another term? After the next presidential election, I expect this bubble to burst like it did on Wall Street. And this time I fear that we are heading for the basement.
When it happens, Osama will stand on some rocky Afghan hill, the winds of change gently blowing in his face, and smile. He will know that he won his little war against America in one fell swoop. He toppled a commercial and military giant with a handful of dedicated renegades and a few stolen aircraft. 

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